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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Midweek Musings!

I am so excited....yep yep yep! First of all it's midweek which means it Wednesday.....rofl! Next I have been able to scrap 2.5 LO's as one just has to be finished off before I plonk it in the gallery and then Tara Dunstan whom I CT for has the most awesome new goodies out in her shop over at Pickleberrypop I just have to come on in and show everything off for ya. And then Natali Design has the most gorgeous kit in the shop called Spring Garden and I just fell in love with it as I have all her stuff and had to grab it. Second LO below has been created using this kit. First up here are my latest LO's for ya all to enjoy.....well I hope you all enjoy them anyways. First one is my hubby Tim and the LO itself pretty much tells you all about it. The next is gorgeous DD Grace and just love how they both have turned out.


Here is the link to Natali's store over at Pickleberrypop and don't you just love this kit. Wow!!!

Next on the list is Tara Dunstan's awesome new goodies at Pickleberrypop and I just love everything she does but her new kit is super duper awesome as!!

Stunning goodies aren't they. So today's post if full of fantastic things for you to admire and lots of goodies for you to go shopping for. So what ya waiting for off ya go and don't spend it all at

Till next bloggin' ciao and auf wiedersehen. Take care and stay safe...Chris xoxo

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Ann-Marie said...

Oh I spotted those gorgeous LO's over at PBP and LYSL .. amazing work chicky! I have been eyeing off Vendula's goodies also but I feel a little scared to grab 'em and scrap because I don't know whether I could pull that look off KWIM?? AND Tara's a machine LOL!! I mean who puts out that many products all at once when they have a little babe?!! ROFL!!!!
have a GREAT day Chris!! I am off to feed my kids .. it's like they are starving or something for goodness sake!!!