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Friday, 28 March 2008

Friday and we've survived!

Yes we have survived the 1st week of the school holidays and not so badly either...rofl. It's been nice and relaxing mostly thank goodness and that's always a good sign although we still have to get through the 2nd week without too many hiccups and I think we will as it is a busy one. There are that many appoinments next week that I think I will be out more than in. I started my hydrotherapy today and although it didn't feel like I did much my back certainly felt it and in a good way so will see how things go over the next couple of days. Every Wednesday and Friday morning for another 7 sessions or so and inbetween physio as well. Finally a management plan being put in place for my chronic back pain and how I can live with all that I can and cannot do.

Ok so latest CT LO for PBP is here and you can check it out below. Right now I am concentrating on some of Bendigo's Heritage and scrapping photos of some of our beautiful old buildings and surrounding heritage sites. Really does make a nice change from scrapping "people" LO's.


Ok well enjoy and have a great weekend guys...yep just a little short post today but till next bloggin" stay safe and take care and cya next time. Hugs Chris xoxo

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Dawn said...

Chris your layout is beautiful, I really love the title. I am glad you have a plan in motion to help with your pain. I hope it works out really well.