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Saturday, 22 March 2008


I hear ya I hear ya you're all asking what does TGIS stand for well simply put thank goodness it's Saturday....rofl! Of course you may have seen TGIF on various forums which is thank goodness it's Friday so a change of the last letter and there you have it and yep thank goodness it is Saturday. Today has been a nice and relaxing day, Tim and I had to pop over to the grandparents for a moment and then from there to the supermarket just to grab a few more goodies and of course the much needed Hot Cross Buns. Today I wanted to go out to what we call Victoria Hill which is an old local gold mining site with ruins dating back to the early 1850's and the classic place to take some much needed time out as it is quiet and not too many people about the place. I also needed to keep this in mind for Lance as he doesn't cope to well with being outdoors and away from home so gave him the choice and he managed it thank goodness not too badly although just at the very end he needed to go sit in the car out of view but that was ok too. I had 2 reasons on my mind for going.....a) time to get out into the fresh air and cooler weather and have arvo tea outdoors and b) time for some new photos....rofl.
We managed both and I have some new pics to scrap with but all my rechargable batteries are playing up at the moment including the new ones so I am thinking I need to get a new charger and batteries asap as I think the charger itself may not be doing what it is suppose to. A visit to our local Camera House will fix that asap.

I have been a busy girl as I have just finished another LO as part of my CT requirements for Tara Dunstan and with her awesome new goodies. I figure while I have some spare time up my sleeves scrapping would be the main thing to fill that time as come next week and thereafter for awhile I will be flat chat with my physio, hydro and OT stuff happening for my back as I have appointments everywhere and that's just I still have appointments in the first week of April for Lance with his paeditrician and case manager and parent teacher interviews as soon as the kids go back to school so my "spare" time will be caught up mostly doing this for the next couple of weeks and beyond. Of course Tim starting back at uni basically means I have to do all this stuff on my own and I am so thankful that my kids are no longer little otherwise I would have to organise babysitting for every appointment. PHEW!!!

I hope you are all enjoying your Easter and guess what???? Well did ya guess....rofl! Only one more sleep till the Easter Bunny comes.................WOOHOO how exciting is that!!!!

Ok 'nuf of that and before I finish here is my latest LO for TDD.


So there you have it another blog post and another LO. Enjoy and remember stay safe this Easter. Hugs Chris xoxoxo

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Dee Bibb said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments on my blog!

Love the new layout.....that is an awesome kit!

Happy Easter!