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Wednesday, 24 May 2006

Update on Lance!!!!!

So here we are another day and yesterday Lance went in and had his operation on his toe.....finally!!!!

We had to be in by early start to the day and Lance's op was at 8:30 am as he was first on the list. We did have a little hiccup as when one of the surgeon who was going to assist came to check up on Lance he looked at his toe and said he would have to make a phone call as the toe was too infected so we said the other surgeons new that and he was on his 3rd lot of antibiotics as we speak but as the top dudes had said there was nothing the antibiotics could do any longer as the nail needed to come off so he thought about it and said ok no worries. PHEW I did not need that at all nor did Lance. We took him up to theatre just before 8:30 and that is where I had to say goodbye to my baby and watch him be wheeled off into his little corner of the theatre ward.....for me that was so heart wrenching and I had so many things go through my head it was incredible and until you go through it you have no idea the overwhelming pool of emotion you go through.

All I can do is wait down in his room in the Child and Adolescent Unit he was in. So I did and waited and waited and waited some more until the nurse looking after him came and let me know that Lance was in recovery and we could go get him. Got up there and all was good he was still linked up to all the machines and had the oxygen mask on and was very shaky...(as I get) due to the drugs but he was good. Blood pressure had been up once and that had settled so that was good too.

Hey and how bizarre is this the recovery nurse was a male Tim Stirling and I recognised him from high school we had been in the same year together...and that was sooooooooooooooooo many years ago now. Kinda weird hey??!!

So we settled him back into his room and slowly he came back to his normal self and we were home by 2:30ish that arvo. They had also put a 12 hour block in his toe so that he wouldn't feel any pain but it wore off far too early and by 6pm...ish he was in pain and no matter how much panadol he had it would not work. I have to admit I was seriously thinking of ringing the hospital and see what I could do but finally he had settled down to sleep by around 10:30pm and slept through till the pain woke him about 7:30 this morning.

I did get him some stronger pain killers now which seem to have helped.

So no school until his review where stitches are out etc and that takes place in about 2 weeks. So I let the school know yesterday and he got his exams to do at home today...WTG Lance!!!! and the rest he doesn't have to do until he gets back to school so even better.

Ummmmmmmmmmm................. now what can I do to have 2 weeks off!!!

So what else have we been up to here....hummmmmmmmm let me see my back is right now has been for a couple of days now thank goodness. I have degenerative discs in my lower back and have had so for years..before my kids came along and they are a mess and this past 12 months have been the worse for me with my back. I guess it really is time to have them rechecked again and see what else they can do...if anything.

I have also had a fairly productive day in the way of getting a few more previews to my kits done and finishing off just the last little bits in a couple as well. So now I am on track. I still need to make one more banner and will get that out of the way and then I can play around with a new kit or two. I just love creating.
Oh and by the way check out the blinkie under My Designs/My Kits and you'll get an idea of what I have done so far!

Well I must away and get some more work done here and it's probably time for me to catch up on a few blogs anyways.

Ciao for now and until next time happy scrapping in whatever form you like!


Zebette said...

Oh wow Chris, your kits are looking GREAT! Love the Shabby Sherbet one. The colours are gorgeous!

fazzbech said...

So glad Lance's op is all over and done with for him now. I'm sure he's in a lot of pain right now, but it'll be worth it in the end.

Wow, your designs are looking awesome! Well done on a fabo job!

Lis said...

Poor Lance, hope the pain and toe settles and he can get back to normal!

Just saw your new kits and WOW! Very nice! Can't wait to see them up! Certainly a couple there I could use ;-)

Lisa said...

Good that the op finally got done!! the new kits are looking great :)

Retta said...

I'm glad the surgery is over, lets hope he recovers well and quickly.
Your new kits are beautiful- love the colours that you choose for each set, quite partial to both of the boy kits and Old Country Charm. Your flowers swirls are fab too! WTG! hehe Slowly picking up the lingo.