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Monday, 22 May 2006

Is it Monday already?

Yep you bet it is. How fast does the weekend go these days? I mean you blink and it's gone, just like that.

Ok so what did I do over the weekend not awhole lot. Our wonderful son Lance is really giving us a hard time at the moment.....he is challenging at the best of times....but he is really pushing the limits on us all at the moment so mentally Tim and I just get so is not easy dealing with a child/teen like Lance with all his mood swings and his disorders he sure keeps us on our toes and it gets so hard. He goes into hospital tomorrow to have his ingrown mess of a toe nail dealt with and he is so anxious about that (he also has a sever anxiety disorder) so I guess that doesn't help but his mood is so far down and even as a parent it can be so difficult because I don't know what to do anymore!

Well today I would like to get some more previews done for my kits and then I can add them to my blinkie over on the right so people can see the rest of the kits I have. Sometimes I think the previews take even longer then the but then I am a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my work of any sort.......just the kinda gal I am. Not much good throwing something together when you can do it so much better given a little extra time.

Today I would also like to start on my designer sample as I have a new Dover CD as well. So would lurve to play with that. Hey and guess what I already baked 2 cakes and had them in the oven before 8:30am how kool is that....not bad for a Monday hey.

You wanna here something funny....Tim is on his laptop right next to me and I am on my computer and we are chatting on MSN to one neither of us are getting much work done at all.

Ok well I think that should do it for awhile.

Toodles for now!


Kelley said...

The weeks sure do go fast!!!
YUMM - I bet the cakes taste good too!!! Maybe you should send one this way!!! LOL!!
Good luck with the kits and stuff!
And thinking of you tomorrow for Lances op!!! good luck!

fazzbech said...

I hope Lance's op goes well for you all Chris, and that things settle down soon. The blog is looking good! And I can't believe you and DH were chatting on MSN when you were right next to each other!! haha, too funny (and perhaps even slightly disturbing?!)!!! ;o)

Retta said...

Hi Chris! I hope Lance's operation goes smoothly. Keep hanging in there- the eye of the storm will soon come along and you can have some measure of calm and time to recuperate before it hits again. ((hugs))
I really enjoyed the slide show of all that you have done and WOW! they are gorgeous!
The Dover cd - is that fonts?

Heather said...

Hope the op went well for Lance!

I am loving your previews for your kits! Pretty awesome style you are developing there :)

I had to laugh about the chatting with DH on MSN whilst he sits right next to you because DH and I do that from time to time! tee hee! kinda silly and fun! ;)