Shabby Miss Jenn

Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Tuesday already and again!

Yes this is the latest LO of Grace done today. She is the most relaxed and no worries kinda gal I know. Not too much troubles her.....perhaps just her big brother..... but apart from that she is usually so happy go lucky and this photo shows it only all too well.

Credits: Bluebell Road Kit by Shabby Princess.

Fonts: Artistamp Medium and My Old Remington.

Special Thanks: goes to Atomic Cupcake for the chipboard action used to create the title.

I cannot believe that Tuesday has come round yet again so quickly. I have a class tonight...well more like a crop night where a few girls come around and spend time scrapping with my help as needed. I just feel that Tuesday last week was only anyway here it is again and I must admit I do feel better since having had the flu as now it is just a small dose and that of a head cold. But because of spending extra time in bed my back has gone out on me yet again (another story for another time) and I can barely stand so I have had to sit most of the day. Anyway I am hoping as the week comes and goes so will the back trouble as it is just so crippling it isn't funny.

Well I don't feel I have done all too much with designing as I have been sick so I plan to get another paper kit done by the end of the weak at least as the little secret I have not been able too mention is getting more and more exciting and you never really know when I may be able to just let it all out and soon but for now all I can say is yes I am a digital designer and you never know where my kits may simply just "pop" up so keep "popping' in here and hopefully soon I will be able to reveal all.

Ok time for me to say ciao for now as I have some stuff to do before the evening simply disappears!


fazzbech said...

Beautiful layout Chris! Love it! I'm so sorry to hear about your back, and I hope by now it has improved a little for you :o)

Lis said...

Gorgeous layout Chris! Love the colors.
Hope you sort your back out soon, mine is stuffed from a car accident when i was 18, my bottom 3 discs are constantly popping out or sitting on my sciatica (sp??). Maybe DH can give you a good back massage ;-)