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Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Midweek mumblings!

Yep it's Wednesday here, it's cloudy and trying so desperately to rain. But that's a good thing when we are in the middle of one of the worst droughts on record. I just hope it pours and does something for our garden before everything completely dies. 3 out of 4 kids are home from school today as it is parent/teacher interview day but this time we have opted out as I just somehow cannot manage 3 kids and all their teachers by myself. Absolutely impossible. Every other year it has been fine as Tim has been able to see one lot of teachers while I see the other but this year he has uni on Wednesdays and we have a 3rd child in high school so we haven't been able to come up with 2 other clones of me for the day on such short notice ;). Ahhhh well can only do what you can. So Lance is down the street with mates, Grace is about to head out the door to visit mates and Stephanie, well her and I are staying home and no doubt on the PC's. Oh what fun :). It is peaceful here if anyone wishes to join in.

Ok so what's you know I had my eyes checked on Thursday.....well the good news is I'm getting glasses sometime soon as I need them for all close up work, you know reading, writing, craft, PC, and all that jazz so that should make a difference and hopefully get rid of the headaches and migraines I am having more often than not. I have had a focus problem since I was in my early 20's and as I am hitting the big 40 (shhhh) it is just getting worse and of course when I told the kids they just laughed and said I was getting old. Talk about CHEEKY and what's with the old talk anyways!!!!!!
40 is the start of good things to come...right? Isn't there a saying that goes something like "life begins at 40" and if it does then BRING IT ON I say. That also means I am only 10 years away from that IS scary! EEEKK!!!!

No new kits or designing goodies to show just yet. Although I am working on some coloured sticker doodles and hope to have them ready soon enough. I also have a few other ideas just need to find the time to get them started but with the school holidays next week and Easter close by things may just be in slow mode until the kids are back at school. They say patience is a virtue.

Latest LO for Faer Oak's CT is the one below of Stephanie and her first day at Secondary College this year. I can't believe how quick all my kids are growing up but the truth is they are and it is happening so quick.

Credits here

Well just a short blog today as I don't know what else to blog about. Oh and with the neighbours......all I can say is that there are things that make you go Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

Ciao :)

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Zebette said...

Wow your kids get a day off for parent/teacher interviews? Ours just do it after hours..we have Abs next week in fact.
Can't wait to see your stickers!!