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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Ahhhhhh what is it with my boys!

Can you believe that I have another child with another broken bone. This time it is Maddison. Got your imagination in tip top condition....picture this........Friday night, my daughter Stephanie's 13th birthday party at The Zone, a family entertainment complex with rollerblading, go karts, laser tag, mini golf and an assortment of other games such as pool etc etc. Stephanie has invited a few friends and in total we have 13 all happily rollerblading at Friday nights session. Birthday party starts at 7:30 and ends at 11pm. Now I must admit that all my kids are really really good skaters as they have been doing it since they were little so of course apart from the odd fall down as usually happens which I might add is not neccessarily their fault but could be simply that as they skate someone coming past who may not be as stable falls and brings them down with them. Happens all the time as they grab onto the nearest this case, peoples, to help try to break the fall so it's not so bad. Anyway at 10pm I noticed Maddi flat out on the ground trying desperately to get up and me being squashed into the booth seat I was sitting in it seemed to take ages to get to him as the guys sitting next to me would not let me out so by the time I had got to him he managed to get a little closer to the exit of the rink and as I was running out to him another adult had also noticed that Maddi was in some kind of difficulty so was there to bring him right off the rink. He was in agony and the first thing Maddi said was I've broken my arm ( he knew as he has had a few breaks) and I could see that his right arm was bent. So went over to the reception/kiosk area and asked for some ice packs for his arm....we managed that easy enough but on closer inspection I knew Maddi had broken something and went back over to ask if they could call for an ambulance. Maddi was not in a good way. The management were so good and so helpful with everything. We had to of course fill out an incident report...fair enough and then we happened to notice a crowd gathering even before the ambo got there. Wow what a popular bunch we were when they did arrive and all of a sudden all eyes were on us. Ambulance officers knew he had broken his arm as they could see it too so he was popped on the "green stick"......terrific happy gas and whisked away to hospital with me in the front seat and poor Tim left behind to enjoy the rest of Stephanie's birthday, clean up and take kids home.

Ok arrive at the hospital and xrays are taken and you could see quite clearly that the radius bone in his right arm was broken.....but hey that's only the start of our adventure. We ended up staying the night as they ended up with a trauma coming in and that kept the ED busy enough. The nurse looking after Maddi had mentioned to us that Maddi had also bent the bone when he broke it and that none of the doctors on duty had ever "fixed" a break like this before so it was decided for the best to wait until morning to have the othopedic surgeon in first thing to do what they had to do to fix it which meant surgery. Maddi was given painkillers as necessary and thankfully while drugged managed to sleep fairly well through the night....well most of it anyways, much to my relief and lack of sleep myself as I stayed awake all night long.

Orthopedic surgeon was in 1st thing and told us what they would do and made a few phone calls to get him into surgery before lunch time. 5 minutes later he is back saying that he couldn't get Maddi into surgery until later that day and so felt that it would be best considering we had been there all night that he would gather a team and do what was needed to be done right there in the ED so we could be home by lunch time. He mentioned that if Maddi was younger he would not ever allow this to happen under a local anesthetic block but seeing as he was older he would cope with it. A team of six were gathered and he was moved into the trauma section of the ED so they could hook him up to the heart and oxygen machines. 2 bungs were placed into his in each hand and then the IV's were placed into his right hand and drugs administered for them to perform the manipulation needed to straighten his broken bone. Now the anesthetic block has it's own hazards and they have only a certain amount of time to work with it too so that in itself was a bit hairy. Ok all set up, drugs working and arm being set straight and once the orthopedic surgeon was happy, it was plastered, but not your usual plaster for a break as this had to be moulded to his arm so the bend was kept straight. More xrays taken straight away so they could make sure the bone was back where it should be and a great outcome as it all worked. The orthopedic surgeon did mention there was always the risk of his arm popping back out of shape in the 1st 2 weeks and so because of that he needs more xrays than normal so on Thursday he has more xrays to be done to see how well it all is and then the following Wednesday. Talk about busy and I am so grateful and thankful to all those involved in his care. Yes we were home before lunchtime Saturday and so could watch Stephanie open up her presents and enjoy her birthday as best as could be under the circumstances and before I could no longer keep my peepers open any longer. I had been awake for 30+ hours and was exhausted. Grabbed a couple of hours that arvo and slept like a log Saturday night.
Great start to the school holidays hey?! But at least it has happened now and not any other time and he has 2 weeks to get use to doing things left handed.....poor kid is right handed so have no idea how well he will go once school goes back and thankfully he has a very understanding teacher.

Here he is poor munchkin...........

School holidays have started and I know that for the next 2 weeks things will be in slow mode....sorry about that but with kids home and Tim still full on with studies as he doesn't get the holidays the kids want more time on the computer and that of course would be mine and not the other 2 we
There is so much happening at the moment too but there is only one of me.....still haven't got that clone sorted out yet.

On the designing scene well I have one new set of sticker doodles out. Sneak peek yonder below. Will be available in the Pickleberry Pop Shop soon I promise!

That's all I have for today but then I think that's for all those on school holidays here down under I hope you are having a fab time. I sure do as I am not running kids around as much...............hang on that's not true now they are older I run them to their friends places and back and that's seems to be all that I did and when I was asked "what were we doing today mum" I promptly replied.....NOTHING I AM HAVING A DAY OFF.....ahhh gotta love 'em!!!


ksharonk said...

My goodness, what a way to start the holidays ... so glad your munchkin is okay! Enjoy the break, all of you, mum included, lol! :)

fazzbech said...

Jeepers Chris, never a dull moment in your house! Glad Maddi is all sorted now, the poor thing!

Enjoy the holidays, and enjoy some time away from the PC!

Kaye said...

Ouch! That's gotta hurt! Hope the plaster gets filled with cool scribbles! And speaking of cool, loooove those flower stickers Chris, they are awesome!

Vanessa said...

Omg Chris, what a night and sounds like he did a really great job of breaking it!! Have everthing crossed, it stays put and doesnt need anything else done to it.