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Saturday, 28 April 2007

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring....

....well he's not really he's in his room, but it is raining, well pouring down and the sound on the roof is pure bliss. Don't you just love listening to the sound of rain on the roof?! One of my all time favourite pastimes is to just lie in bed listening to the rain falling and what a priviledge it is too. Well now that that is out of the way with it really is time for another blog post and so here you have it. It is 12:46 am on Saturday and I thought I would while away a little more time blogging.

First of all I just wanted to say thankyou to all those that have stopped by my blog and left a comment about my umming and arrrring about a CT. It really is nice to know that my work is certainly worth a CT and that a number of you have actually popped your hands up to be on it. I feel somewhat overwhelmed and honoured about the whole thing and I am taking it as a positive. You just never know what might be lurking on my blog soon about stay tuned!

Update on Maddi and his broken arm is not good. I had already blogged about the fact that not only did he break it but he also bent the bone, well we have been back and forth to the fracture clinic every week seeing the orthopedic surgeon and we were there on Monday again with not really the news we were hoping for. Unfortunately his bone is bascially back to where it was when he broke it....yep that means it is still bent and even though the bone had been straightened when he first broke it, it isn't anymore. So what does that mean....well simply put that it will take about 6 years for it to heal properly. Yep I see your jaw drop with eyes wide open but truly that's it. The top orthopedic surgeon told us that if it had happened (bone out of alignment) within the 1st 10-14 days then they would have had to put wires, plates and screws in to straighten it back up but because it happened 2-3 weeks after and is now fused they can't. Now if Maddi was an adult it would be a different story and they would not hesitate to rebreak his arm and realign it in surgery but as he is 11 years old and our bones don't stop growing till we hit the good old age of 15, they say that by the time he gets there, that his bone will, little by little each year, straighten itself out and be back to normal probably with a knot in it. It will take a good 18 months for the bone to heal well enough and when he gets his plaster off in another 2 weeks they will let us know more about what should be expected, mobility wise etc. We already know that once the plaster is off his arm, it will be bent, because the bone is bent and that hopefully over time it won't be so obvious. The poor kid!

Sooooo I have been busy creating a couple of CT Layouts for Faer Oak and here they are..........

Credits here

Credits here

........and there they!

News on the designing front...... I finished another kit and I actually want to create a LO with it before I post a sneak peek of it on here so you will have to wait a little while longer. I have started it, just haven't finished it and I am a slow scrapper.....teehee!

Oh yeh and one last thing before I go to bed....IT'S RAINING....IT'S POURING.... THE OLD MAN....IS IN BED!

Night all and until next blogging stay safe and stay happy. To Debbie, Emma and Billy Jo have the time of your lives and enjoy every minute up there in Queensland :) :) :)

Ciao... Chris :)


fazzbech said...

Gosh Chris, that's no good at all about Maddi's arm! I hope it doesn't cause him any grief.

The rain has been great hasn't it? Not as much as I expected to get, but we'll take anything during these times!

Mel said...

Poor Maddi! I know a fair bit about problems stemming from broken bones, my DH has had four surgeries in the past four years on his wrist, ending in a resection and fusion. Hope Maddi doesn't have too many problems with it.

Janie said...

Oh not good for Maddi, Chris. We got a whopping 35 mls in 24 hours during the weekend. Tank's full and the garden got a good soaking. Love your LO's.