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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

What's New!

Hi all and welcome to another day and another post. So I finally managed to upload Kewl Boy into my part of the store last night over at Pickleberrypop and whilst I was waiting I also managed to create an assortment of coloured Binder Clips.....18 in all that are now available in the pop shop.

Kewl Boy Kit is certainly a little fun, funky and bold and is $6 (AU) in the Pop Shop.

Kit includes: 9, 12x12 bold and funky textured papers, 6 grungy words.....awesome, big, boy, dude, kewl and little, 5 hand drawn star doodles, 4 buttons, 3 photo corners, 3 ribbons, 1 ribbon charm, 1 washer, 1 photo slide, 1 binder clip, 1 paint stroke, 1 brad and 1 stitching.

The Binder Clips.......all metal and 18 assorted colours are just $3 (AU) in the Pop Shop.

Layout created with both my Kewl Boy Kit, Cardboard Pieces and Binder Clips.

Full Credits here


I am hosting this months Scraplift Challenge at Pickleberrypop. Grab all the details and freebie here and I sure hope to see some fab scraplifts popping into the gallery.

So what else is new in my neck of the woods.....hummmmm thinking, thinking, thinking some more......ahhh yes my DS Lance who is nearly 16 and is in year 10 at school is on Work Experience (WE) this week....would you believe back at his old primary school working in the class room with years 1/2. He is enjoying it somewhat more than he lets on I truly and all the little kids just love him. He has his own little fan club. Some of the things that come out of their sweet little mouths are.......... "We wish you were our dad Lance", "we wish you could be our teacher forever" and of course then the hugs and following him around like shadows and I dropped him off this morning and they just ran to I think it is so so sweet and besides the fact that he says it is boring, and he can't stand the kids hanging about I think deep down inside he is loving it. Just cause he is almost 16 and a boy doesn't have anything to do with it .......................right???? ;) ;)

So he started that on Monday and finishes on Friday. I know I know you ask what does he want to do as his chosen career path......well I don't think he has any real idea but he has some thoughts and they are..... PE teacher, drum teacher, a professional computer game (if he had his way he would spend his life on Runescape getting paid for it), and brick layer. The fact that WE is mandatory and alot of kids have no idea what they want to do as a career, the benefits of WE even in a field you don't really wish to do, still gives them so much to think about, and makes them feel more self worthy, confident, the feeling of importance and accomplishment and basically puts them on an emotional high (in most cases) that they are in so many ways at a very young age giving to the community and receiving the benefits for it let alone a small taste of what is expected IRL with training, finding a job, and working.

Well that's it for another day and so take care, stay safe and catch you all soon.

Ciao.....Chris :)

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