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Wednesday, 23 May 2007

It's been awhile I know....

Since I last blogged I'm sorry. There has just been so much happening here on the home front as well as with designing and getting things done that need to be done. Firstly my poor DD Steps only went back to school today after having all of last week off and the last 2 days of this week as she has been really sick. Somehow she managed to get a severe dose of tonsilitis and the poor kid has been so sick with it. Finally the antibiotics started to kick in on Monday and yesterday she looked good, had her appetite back, and had no sore throat. She so desperately wanted to go back to school today although I would have preferred her home for 1 more day just to make sure she really was recovered enough.
My son Lance is not well either and is having tests done on his heart to find out what the matter is. Friday I took him to the doctor's to have his ingrown toenail looked at again and let the doc know that Lance had been having some trouble with pains in his chest...anyway to cut a really really long story short he popped him on the ECG and his results were very abnormal so much so that the doc mentioned that if Lance was an adult he would have been having a severe heart attack and they would be calling an ambulance. Anyway like I said I don't want to go into all the details here but a specialist was called upon straight away and it was decided that the tests were urgent as something was wrong. We had the tests done on Monday...chest xray and TTE and the chest xray results have come back and all clear...that's good and the TTE results interim report had come back but so far it look clear as well although they did not have the full results yet. So I don't know what is wrong and I can't send him to school because the doc suspected a heart disease that....simply put causes sudden death so he mentioned a list full of things Lance was not allowed to do until the test results have come back. As my son is so active the very thought of sending him to school has given me the jitters and so I haven't and have let the school no why. He goes back to the doctor on Friday to see what does and take the next steps, if any. So my head has been in a bit of a spin with it all and more so now in a way as some of the results are clear but he is still having pains and they have not stopped.

Ok things are happening on the design front...although no new kits just yet there are some goodies I am working on as Pickleberrypop gears up for our very 1st birthday celebrations....yayayay can you believe it we are almost one. Then there are the things that a designer does or needs to do that have nothing to do with the actual creation of a new kit or element but are just as inportant to keep everything going as smooth as possible. But if you stay tuned then you will be let in on the secret.

Ahhhh yes to finish off for the day..... my CT stuff so far using Faer Oaks new kit Icing Noir which you can grab here and you can also see how yummy it is with the LO below.


Betsy said...

Just read about your son's health problems. Wow... that's a lot to deal with. I have found that things are most often better than they appear at first. I am praying that is the case for your son.


LindaW said...

So sorry to hear about Lance's heart problem. Why is it that as parents we can take anything dished out except when it involves our kids. I will certainly say a prayer for him and your family.

Sharon-shutterbug said...

So sorry to hear about your worries with your son. I'll be praying that it's something easy to fix, and that God will bless you with peace.