Shabby Miss Jenn

Friday, 18 May 2007

Much ado about nothing really............

Well I will probably just ramble on here and there a little with this post as I have a fairly busy day ahead of me so it'll be a quick one.

Let's see where to start..................

Stephanie has been home all week from school sick so yesterday took her off to the doc's and she has a very serious bout of tonsilitis...poor mite and so is on antibiotics, nasal spray, complete bed rest and panadol to help relieve pain and fever. I have not seen her this sick in years and in fact according to the doc she hasn't seen him since 2002 I think it was and hasn't has any antibiotics since they were last prescribed to her in 1999. Of course she has had the odd cold and virus but certainly nothing that the doctors could do about it but as I said well this time she has made up for lost time. So I think most of next week's schooling will be out as well for her. Today she was meant to have the 1st needle of the new vaccine that all girls are getting for Cervical Cancer but that is not going to take place and Monday she is meant to be off to Regional sports as she won in her school sports but that will not be taking place either. Poor little munckin.

I picked up my glasses for reading and all close up work yesterday......and ended up taking them back last night as I had notice the frame where the lenses sit in was not very happy and seeing as I just paid out $295 for the frames alone and of course more with the cost of the lenses, I was a little.........grrrrr IYKWIM so hopefully an easy enough fix and I'll go in today to see

Today I need to do some housework so that's on the agenda as soon as I am done here. Also on the agenda is back to the doctor this arvo but this time with Lance as yesterday in sports he almost collapsed with some pain in his chest....seems to happen when he exerts himself in anyway. He also found a lump so will get everything checked out today. The other problem he has is another ingrown toenail and he has been on antibiotics with it and the doc sent in a letter to the hospital in need of it to be operated on. So we got the letter a few weeks back saying he was placed in a catergory 2 and it would be a 3/6 month wait just to see him in the clinic. His toe has got so much worse so we are going to see of the doc can hurry that along. We have already been through this before with his other foot and from experience the doctors cannot do anything about it. So we may need to take him up to the hospital to hurry it along that way....grrrrrrrr! The health system....the little we have is in a mess and unfortunately with Tim doing his uni course, we simply can't afford private health insurance and so use the public system which can be really good but in situations like Lance who urgently needs to have the toe nail off before he loses it completely.....well you battle the system.

So what else is new in my neck of the woods?
A new line of elements is slowly making it's way into the shop at Pickleberrypop. Old Box Creations is here and there are 3 element packs out already with more to come. First up is........................
Old Box Creations - Daisies

Grab link here

Old Box Creations - Kids Labels

Grab link here

Old Box Creations - Romance Labels

Grab link here

All these packs are just $3 (AU) each and the daisies have been cut from cardboard, each one comes with button and hand drawn shadows for depth, there are 9 in total and they are big, therefore easy enough to resize to suit any layout. The labels have been aged and stitched and each comes complete with word and own definition. There are 9 in each pack and easy to mix and match.

What happened to the quick I think it turned into a novel. I'm off to do some housework so have a great weekend, take care and stay safe.

Chris :)

P.S if I've made any typos....seems to happen regularly...I apologise but I can't see.....I haven't got my glasses and that's the excuse I'm sticking with ;) :)