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Thursday, 10 May 2007

New kit, end of the week, ramblings and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!.

Wow first up I need to say a huge thankyou to the overwhelming response I've had to the freebie I put up....scroll down to previous post below for link. It has just been incredible and I am really looking forward to seeing a few LO's created with it here and there and just on that note the freebie will be up till midnight my time (AEST) Friday night and then it's gone. So if you still want it or you know a buddy or 2 that do then make sure you stop by and grab it before I take the link quick cause once it's gone it's gone. I will be putting more freebies up from time to time so be sure to keep an eye out for them, and the best way to do that would be to subscribe to my blog and that way you will always know when I have posted a freebie.

I have a new kit over at Pickleberrypop and it's called Kewl Girl and yep it's the baby sister of Kewl Boy that I put in the shop about a week ago. Check it out..........................

Bright and bold, fun and funky and just great for all those precious girl layouts that are just waiting to be scrapped.

Ok enough of that and now on to a few more's Thursday night and it's nearly the end of the week...phew, has it been a busy one but then we all seem to be like it these days. Life sure doesn't know how to sit still...not even for a day.

Grace played volleyball tonight and they won again, 3 games in a row now and woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy and now they are 3rd from the top of the ladder and it looks like it will be a good season for them. Every other season they have been on the bottom of the ladder and just played from week to week without a real coach and a team that just didn't work together. This season (being her 3rd) there is a coach that's there all the time and a team that works together and are good and it sure makes a huge difference. So while we are on the topic of my poor DD Grace....we were referred to an orthodontist about 2 weeks ago by our dentist and we had that appointment on Tuesday morning and you want the good news or the Actually I'm not so sure there really is any good news but then you can decide for yourselves. Grace needs work and the poor kids teeth are not growing as they should. Overcrowding, teeth growing sideways, adult teeth coming through the bottom of her gum because the baby tooth won't come out and teeth overlapping...ahhh poor kid anyways the diagnosis is sitting down cause if not grab a cuppa and grab a seat.

Ok photos of mouth and teeth were taken, xrays done and diagnosis given.

  • 5 teeth including one baby tooth that should not be there need to come out
  • her 4 wisdom teeth also need to come out making it a total of 9 because there is no room in her jaw for them to sit
  • full braces both top and bottom need to be fitted once the first 5 teeth are out
  • wisdom teeth will be removed when she is about 16/17ish or they could all come out now....yes all 9 under a general anaesthetic
  • we are opting for the 5 done over a couple of sessions and the wisdom done when she is 16/17
  • 4-5 years of treatment all up to get straight happy teeth
  • will wear a retainer for most of her life once braces are off but that won't be an everyday thing, it will end up being just once a week once she has worn it everyday and been slowly weaned off it so to speak
  • cost will be exactly $5380 and that does not include the cost of the teeth that need to be removed

The only good news from all of this is that her teeth will be thankful for it, and so will her smile, and so will her confidence, and so will her feeling good about herself and all the emotions that come with it and so will Grace, oh, and so will I as I know only all too well what it is like to suffer with teeth that are all over the place and the fact I needed braces but my mum could never afford them and not that Tim and I can either but we have no choice and will do whatever we can to make sure she has the work done because if we don't do anything then she will start to suffer and I don't want that for her as her teeth are already starting to feel the impact of there being very little room in her mouth and are sore.

Next child..................Maddi had his plaster taken off on Monday and I have been meaning to take a pic of his bent arm and pop it on my blog. That may have to be next posting I think. Anyway plaster off, arm is bent but hopefully time will fix that and he is slowly regaining the use of it properly which will take some time. He goes back to see the orthopedic surgeon in 6 weeks just to see how well everything is or isn't healing and how well the mobility of the arm is going too, minus the plaster.

Yep and the other 2 are doing well....that is Lance and Stephanie. I finally went into our optometrist and got myself the reading glasses I so desperately need. I had all the testing done some 2 months ago but because I get the lenses through the government it is a bit of a wait. Although our family is entitled to cheaper government frames as well seeing as Tim is on the blind pension we only ever get the lenses through the scheme and pay full costs for brand new frames as the government does not have any class or style when it comes to those and they are just plain UGLY, so today my paper work came through and I went and chose the frames I wanted and seeing as I don't utilise these through the scheme, I can choose whatever ones I want, the ones that suit best and look pretty groovy after trying on a gazillion, I did. They are nice and funky and look really kool. I pick them up next Thursday and then I might just be able to see what I'm doing then. Say goodbye to headaches, migraines, sore eyes, eye strain and a messy jumble when I read anything and seeing as I spend soooooooooooooo many hours everyday in front of my monitor designing, scrapping, emailing, reading, PMing, chatting, browsing, surfing and all that jazz..............I might actually be able to see what I'm doing! But as far as the typo's go well if they still continue I guess I just have to blame it on the dog......hehehehehe.


Sunday is Mother's Day and too all you mums out there I wish you the very best Mother's Day ever. I hope you are totally spoilt with goodies, love, hugs, kisses, breaky in bed and a day of total indulgence. We do a wonderfully amazing job, it comes with no training manual and it's the hardest job in the world but we make it special and we do have plenty of rewards amidst the chaos. So enjoy your day whatever and however you spend it!

Well I think I'm done and if not well I guess that's what blogs are for, I can come back and post about it another time. So take care, stay safe, remember to grab the freebie if you haven't before it's gone and have a very Happy Mother's Day this Sunday!


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kitchenwitchnh said...

Hi Chris , thank you for visiting my blog, and your kind comments. I thought I would pop in for a visit too. You have a great blog too. Going to add you to my links to vist, and will be back. Happy Mother's Day to you also.