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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Happy Birthday to me!!!

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me-e
Happy birthday to me.

Ahhhh yes the day has finally arrived and today I turn the big 40!! Woohoo. Now I know there are a few that have asked me how do I feel....well I feel like I did yesterday ans the day before that and the day before yep I don't feel any different at all. So what am I up to for my special day......hummmm so far Tim has been shopping at the Cheesecake Shop and I know there is some sort of yummy in the fridge. Stephanie has had a look (she is home as she has Glandular Fever) and said oh mum the cake is so yummy. So I trust what she says ;).
Ok next on the agenda....well I'm still in my jammies but shhhhh don't tell anyone I've just been toooooooooo lazy this morning and besides it's freezing here and they are so nice and warm. I got them for mother's day and they are bright orange cookie monster ones.....hehehehehe.
We are out to tea tonight, off to chinese cause that is what we all decided on. So smorgasbord here we come and you know I have to admit we rarely go anywhere like this so we will really enjoy ourselves.

No updates to Lance just yet, we are waiting to get into the pediatrician and can't get in until July as he is going away.....grrrrrr is nothing ever treated urgently these days. He is still having heart pains and he is not allowed to do anything active until we find out what is wrong......the way things are at the moment this is going to be a very long wait! He had his ingrown toenail taken off yesterday and that all went well so that is really good news. Needs to go back tomorrow for a follow up.
My DD Stephanie has been sick as you may have read already and last Friday she came out in an enormous rash that covered her entire body so took her up to Triage at the hospital and they did blood tests and diagnosed her with Glandular Fever.....unfortunately the doctor who diagnosed her with tonsilitis got it wrong and I have to admit I couldn't quite see how a child of 13 with, yes admittedly very severe tonsilitis, could be so so sick with it. Now that she has been diagnosed with GF it all makes sense as the chronic fatigue, sore throat, fever, not eating, sleeping all the time is all due to GF and it just so happens that in some cases a pretty bad rash occurs and Steps developed that. Thankfully it has been correctly diagnosed and today she is doing so much better. We did hum and ha about what to do for my birthday as 2 kids are not as well as expected but Steps is really good and the rash has almost disappeared and Lance is not in any pain with his toe so we can go out. YAY!!

I'm not sure what else there is to say except....a huge thankyou to all those that have said prayers, given us your best wishes and kept us in your thoughts, you have no idea how that has made me feel knowing that so many of you have read my blog and left all those wonderful comments both in the blog comments and also the freebie download comments. From the bottom of my heart I thankyou and I know that God is there looking after us through all of this. Without him I would be lost!

That's it from me today. Continue to enjoy your freebie and thankyou to the many many people who have downloaded the mini kit already. I can't wait to see what you do with it.
Chris XXOO


Renata said...

Hey, it´s my birthday today too.
Happt b-day for us!

All the best.


fazzbech said...

Happy 40th Birthday Chris! A night out together for dinner sounds wonderful, and you all deserve it, especially you!

Have a wonderful day and night!

Oh, and enjoy the yummy in the fridge, you hear?! ;-)

Jodie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!! Welcome to the forty and over club ;)
Enjoy the day.

Kaye said...

Happy BIG 40 Chris. Have a lovely night tonight

Jenni said...

Happy Birthday!!! Have a great day...and well it seems you git a nice day planned ahead...enjoy your special day!!!

La Osita Boricua said...

Happy Birthday! You are now 40 years young! Woo hoo

Violaine said...


Marta said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your kiddoes are feeling even better so you can have a truly happy day!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday! I have a question, I`m just getting into digital scrapbooking, I see everywhere about TOU, and link sharing, so my question is, Why do you not what link sharing? I thought you wanted people to have your freebies.

Angela said...

Happy birthday for yesterday Chris!!! Hope that you had a fantastic day, and a great night out! Hope that your famliy is feeling more on top of things soon too, and that they figure out what needs to be done for Lance...

Toast Girl said...

Happy Happy Birthday Chris! I hope you had a fantastic day. Really crappy about Lance tho. I hope you can get the attention he needs right now xox