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Wednesday, 22 February 2006

February 22 2006

The TIM on his 38th Birthday!!!!

Tim is not the most photogenic person I know, and I know of only one other person that just does not like to have their photo taken. LOL!!!!!! That would be me!

We had a good day and I know I know it has been a few days since I last "blogged". I happened to mention to Tim while he was next to me on his laptop checking stuff out for uni that YAY I did it I put a blinkie on a blog!!!!!.

Now you can imagine the expression on his face when I said this and I have to admit who the heck came up with these I mean blinkies and blogs yes I can understand on their own but then popping them together in the same sentence now that's where it gets kinda!

Anyway back to Tim's birthday we did have a great day and he did get some fab presents in the end oh and a nice tea and cake yep I bought cake, a chocolate mousse one and a lemon meringue . I couldn't decide between the two as they are so yummy so got both instead...hehehehehehe

It did take me awhole day to find what I was originally after for him after rushing down the street ( I also had to teach a scrapbooking class that day) in between the things I just had to get done I went to Collins Booksellers with no luck and to Dymocks with no luck and then had to fly back home and get class going and then when that was over and kids were home from school. I went up to the "market place" as we call it grabbed a couple of t-shirts and a gift voucher for him from Ed Harry.

Then into Big W to grab the card etc etc and off to the register to pay for my little (which turned out to be a rather full trolley of new pillows and sheets and doona cover etc etc) trolley full of stuff and things and whilst waiting I flicked through the catalogue and lo and behold right before my very eyes there it was the DVD collection I had been so desperately searching for in the morning. I had been trying to get him "Long Way Round" with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman a 3 DVD collection about 2 men 4 wheels and 20,000 miles. Their advernture of a lifetime. So YES!!!! I got it and then Tim got it finally for his birthday. And nope neither of us have had time to watch it would you believe but soon hopefully soon.

Anyway on a different note kids have all settled into school thank goodness and with that Lance seems to be seriously happy. He is enjoying this year so far. I am so happy he loves his subjects although he did tell me he changed to of them cause they were so boring and (can't remeber what he was doing) but now he is doing data processing and the other well can't remember that either but he loves what he is doing and so far no trouble. But I mean that..... no trouble in class, or the school ground and yes he has friends too. Now you may think course he had friends but the truth be known the last 2 years have been difficult for him and yes he had people he hung out with but to call them friends well that would be a different story. The kids he is hanging with now accept him for he is and I just hope it stays that way for him too.

A few pics taken of Lance trying to avoid his pic being taken.

LOL so these pics were taken in Rosiland Park a couple of weeks ago and thought I would throw these up just as they are for now and when I get my external HDD back I will then pop them into a photomerge and have a bit more fun with them on here. So stay tuned for that!

Onto HDD mine is still at the shop as they are having great difficulty getting a replacement casing for it they did try a week ago and replaced it but the same thing happened and now they are meant to be getting one in today and I should have it back tomorrow and then cross my fingers that it all works without any hiccups. I have so much work on it and all my digital imaging prgrams installed on it as well. So I have not been able to digi scrap for so so so long and they have so much happening at the moment.

First edition of Scrapscription.....DSH's newsletter came out on the 20th of this month YAY!!!!!! So I'll pop in a few pics from it and have a look and by the way don't forget to stop on over and have a look at DSH the link is HERE or click on the blinkie on top of my link list they have a fab mega kit for sale and all the proceeds go to the Make A Wish foundation. Here is a little sneak preview.

So go on pop on over to DSH and have a look and grab this awesome kit!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Heather said...

Woo hoo! Glad to see you got blinkies on the blog! Too funny how some folks just don't get it!! :D

Mmmm the cake you bought sounds YUMMY!! Have any leftover?? :D I'd love a slice!!

Love the photos of your son!! I see some scrapping coming soon!!

Chris said...

LOL Heather no cake left at all went pretty much that night but I tell you it was very yummy.

Yep I can't wait to scrap the photos of Lance they come up so well on the web don't they?!!!