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Wednesday, 15 February 2006

February 16 2006


Well would you believe it is my DH's birthday and he has just turned 38. We all wished him a happy birthday before the kids went to school and Stephanie made him breakfast in bed. Lucky duck and unless my memory fails me I don't remember being spoilt when it's my

Toast and chocolate milk is what he got and he ate it too. She is such a sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway so today's plans are for me to shop a little this morning if I ever get off this computer and go get a pressie for nothing like leaving that till the last minute and I did plan to get it yesterday (cause I know what I am getting him you see) but he kinda was with me everywhere when we went done the street so couldn't do

Then off to the cake shop to buy a cake....nope I don't bake them anymore not for years I buy yummy ones instead.

Now this arvo is out as I have a couple of girls coming round for a scrapbook lesson they have been coming for a couple of weeks now and book in again same day same time so that's good and they love coming and what they are learning so even better.

Then of course Grace has volleyball tonight and her first game for the season. She said a couple of weeks ago she wanted to do it and I thought it was just a team from school to play at school then she brings home the sheet with all the times and is in a "real" playing "real" games with other teams in Bendigo.
Don't you just love the teenage stage for all you parents out there who have gone through it and may still be going through it. I love the fact that they kinda don't tell you everything. But anyway it will do her the world of good.

Of course there is another possibility I did know all this and just don't remember I mean sometimes I get busy and as much as the kids fill me on on everything it just goes in one ear and out the other so it is highly likely Grace did tell my everything and I just wasn't and they say kids are but I would be the first one to confess that occasionally I do have other things on my mind that do take over and anything else that needs to sqeeze past what has already taken over has no hope whatsoever.

So Tim's birthday tea may just happen very late tonight I think and that's ok too. So when some pics are taken I'll throw them on here.

Ok better go now and do what's needed to be done so ciao for now and catch you next time.


Joshua said...

hello chris!! i enjoyed reading your blog. though i must admit, i skipped some bits about scrapbooking and digis and stuff because... well i don't know anything about it and it makes no sense to me. i love the rosiland park page! page? i shall call it that...

i trust you and your family enjoy the dinner. and may you eat much tomato paste. i have grown rather fond of it.


Lis said...

Happy birthday to your DH!!!

Heather said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your DH!!! :)

Chris said...

Thanks girls for you birthday wishes for DH.

Josh lol you are such a dag I know but you put a smile on your dial with your comments about tomato paste....hehehehehehehe