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Sunday, 12 February 2006

February 8 2006

Ok I know it has been a few days since I have updated but here goes. All the kids have settled into school and it has once again become peaceful here at home. But busy..... boy am I just doesn't seem to be enough time these days to do everything that needs to be Well we have been rearranging our home and finally have the lounge almost done and the study... well it is a study but it is going to take me weeks to go through alllllllll my scrapping stuff and put it in it's right place.

You wont believe just how much stuff I have and then again those of you addicted to scrapping as much as me maybe you would. But just to let you know I have over 3000 papers just all to my self.....I know what you are saying but it is true. On the site I am part of the design team for sometime in the last year we all did a little challenge to find out how many papers we all had and I knew I had a few like about 500+ but when I got to counting them I was a little embarrased that it was just under 3000 then and I have accumulated many more since and not just one or two but like another hundred or two and then there are the embellishments I mean what's a LO with trims hey!!!!!And now that I have started digi scrapping well my pc is jammed packed full of all those wonderful digi goodies so am I a hoarder or what.....well putting it that way I guess yep. The other way I like to put it is a complusively addictive scrapaholic..... kinda has a certain ring to it don't you think.......lolI love my digi papers and kits and trims just as much as I love the paper side of it. So my poor PC has run out of room 40 gigs just wasn't enough and I am patiently waiting on a Seagate 250 Gig external HDD that is actually in but the casing is not as they couldn't get one and then said it would be in yesterday.......still waiting.

So at this stage all my digi stuff is on CD's until I get the HDD and then it will take me awhile to transfer all my files onto it but then I will be a very very happy person as it will all be at my finger tips and no more having to sort through my 20+ CDs full of yummy digi products. Oooooohhhhh the agony of waiting. So as for digi scrapping well I have to say that at the moment I have had to slow down on it as it is a real pain having to sort through all the CD's just to get the perfect kit etc etc to go with my pics. Although they are all in order but 20 CDs is still alot to go through even for me.......Grrrrrr!!!!! and when I do put them on the pc I don't even have enough space to defragment my files etc etc so hurry up guys and ring me I need...... do you hear me...... need my HDD and it's casing!!!!!!! They just don't understand all my creativity is just wasting away at the present!!!!!

Hey guess what DS Lance wants to go on the school camp this year. Now you may think ok so!!!!! well because of his depressive nature he has opted out each year since he started Secondary College because he just couldn't cope and now he wants to go on the year9 one which is great just need to come up with the deposit as these camps are not cheap so he can go. But that is a great big step forward and I'm proud of him. xxoo

Just Be Yourself.

This is a paper LO of DS Lance.

Another LO of Lance!

My DD Grace!

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