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Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Layouts Galore.

Yes wanting to show off a couple of LO's today. A few from my CT girls and 1 from little old me.
The 1st one is my CT Lo for Faer Oak using one of her latest kits Brandishly Bold.


LO created by Kittychen

Layout by scrapingal89

Layout created by Scrapastrophe

Layouts created by Di
A little update on you may be aware Monday he had an appointment with a cardiologist and he went over everything with Lance. This coming Monday Lance is back to have a Stress Echo and another ECG done. Whilst on the treadmill they monitor him exercising and when the pain starts they can see once and for all what the heart is doing and how it is reacting to the conditions. If his heart is normal through the pain then there will be nothing at all wrong with his heart and we are back to square 1 with it all following a different path. If there is something wrong they will see and can then act upon it. The cardiologist did say that the pain Lance is having sounded so much like Angina but some of the attacks are lasting too long so that puts a ? next to it all. He also thinks that the way some of the pain is that something mechanical is inflammed....chest wall etc etc but all blood tests have ruled that out as they came back clear so at this stage and until next weeks tests he is stumped and so are
Anyway another wait and see.
Today I am catching up with LO's in galleries etc etc and may start on something new in the way of designing. I am in desperate need of getting a little freebie done so guys bear with me my time is not my own at the minute and I will whip something together asap. In the meantime grab a cuppa, put your feet up and read away.
Until next blogging take care
Chris xxoo

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Angela said...

Beautiful layouts! Welcome to TTS by the way. I keep Lance in my prayers! Tylersangel