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Friday, 31 August 2007

Spring is heading downunder!

Don't ya just lurve spring???!!! Hummmmm oh I do and it's one of my fave seasons of the year and even though spring is not here officially till the 1st of September it sure has hit our shores here downunder...well at least where I am living. Our temps are rising nicely but the worse thing is that winter is still not officially over until the 1st of September and that also means we are in for a very hot, dry, humid and horrible summer and an early one at that too. Summer is not my fave season as I don't cope with the heat but alas it is on it's way and I am not looking forward to it but bring on Spring and those yummy toasty warm days.

Yes I managed to finish the kit that I have been working on for a bit and it finally has a name and a home over at Pickleberrypop. Spring Break is now available over in the POP SHOP and the paper pack and element pack are only $3 (AU) each. So go on over and grab yourself a bargain.

Spring Break Element Pack
The weekend is upon us here and we are just going to sit back and take it easy as Monday Tim and I need to get Lance down to RCH by 8am for an angiogram. Thats' going to be fun as it takes roughly 2 hours to get there so a very early morning indeed. It's an overnight stay so Tim will travel home again (taking Grace with us and Steps and Maddi will be looked after) while I stay down with Lance and then he and Grace will travel back down on Tuesday morning to pick us up when Lance is discharged from hospital. It will be interesting if they find something. We have already been down once this week as it was arranged for Lance to be admitted to RCH as he was pretty sick last week and when we got there they decided not too even though he was having a fairly bad attack, the nurse had the resusitation kit there and he had to be monitored all the time as his BP dropped to 44 and pretty much remained that way for the entire time we were there and as that was the most unpleasant experience for us, I am not even going to go into full detail about it......that's how awful it was for us and his cardiologist up here was quite shocked with it all too.

Wanna see what new toy Lance has.....check this out.....not bad hey...pity it didn't come with a lifetime of ear plugs......hehehe anyway he has been after a new kit for sometime so this is his birthday present and his xmas present all rolled into one. One of the best drum kits you can get....German made, fantastically engineered and his pride and joy so some big $$$$ went out for that but a fabulous and great kit to build on and add to.
So no scrapping as I just can't seem to get into the creative streak at the moment. One thing I do want to mention is over at PBP we are in for a few surprises over the next couple of weeks so head on over there and check out what is happening. PBP is having it's first birthday and we all not what that means now don't we?!

Ok well enough from me for now as I have to go pick up the car as we are getting new tyres. We were going to hold off for abit with those but with the traveling we are doing at the moment back and forth to Melbourne we though it better and safer. So there go a few more big $$$$

Until next blogging stay safe and take care.

Chris xxoo

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Kaye said...

Ooooh Chris great kit choice (drumkit that is! LOL!) Lance is one lucky drummer to have a sonor!
DH is a sonor endorsed player and just loves his kit.