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Monday, 2 June 2008

Oooh am I slack or what!!!!

My latest layouts for you to enjoy! The first 2 G and Autumn Days are Tara Dunstan CT LO's, the next 2 Love Imagine Dream and Unlock Your Mind are PBP CT LO's and the last one My Wish For You is a "me" LO! But don't stop there read the blog post too.....rofl!!!!!

You know I reckon the title of this post (or something similar) must be one of the most used in all time because I also figured that no matter how good you try to be at blogging and keeping up to date......the best laid plans don't always go down so well.

Anyway I wanted to say that I have been slack because I have been sooooo busy even my poor brain (well what's left of it) is full and worn out. But things are getting better here in a slow but sure way. Tim is improving although still has a ways to go he is very slowly but surely getting there and Lance had the last of his assessements on Thursday and now we wait for them to gather all the info and hopefully with all fingers crossed give us an official diagnosis Wednesday week. It's been a long time and we so deserve one and so does poor Lance.

Ok I have some exciting news but not sharing that with you just yet......rofl ain't I a

Just a quick post tonight to tell you I'm still in the land of the living and hopefully will come back with the exciting news when I get round to my next posting.

Take care guys and hugs Chris xoxo


Lee said...

Great to see you post! I have been checking and I thought you were a better blogger than me, well haven't the tables turned, well temporarily at least LOL.

I think I have missed something with your boys, so whatever the problems I hope you are all sorted, safe happy and well soon.

I love the layouts Chris they really are all beautiful, I just love G though, divine!

Ooooh waiting with bated (or is it baited) breathe! What is this big news! Whatever it is it sounds exciting and I am sure you deserving this news (assuming it's good of course LOL)

Lee said...

Hmm I just left a really long comment, but I think blogger is ignoring me! We'll see if this works! If not, I'll be back ;-)

Melissa said...

I really love your layouts. I look forward to seeing more in the gallery over at N4D.

Sharon said...

Hi Chris...remember me? LOL! It has been so long since I have done the rounds of blogs OR sites, that I'm sure people think I've vanished into thin air!

I love your layouts - they are gorgeous - you do such beautiful work. Do you think you can send some motivation to me???