Shabby Miss Jenn

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Latest LO!

I finally grabbed a moment to upload my latest PBP CT LO onto blogger. The young good looking dude (lol) is Maddison our youngest son on his 12th birthday last year. Can't believe that this year he will be an official teen and that's it no more little tackers here at home just 4 teenagers....................YIKES!!!! Anyway there you go and as usual if you click on the credit links it will take you to my gallery over at Pickleberrypop (PBP).

Anyway if ya lucky enough I may be back with more tonight or even tomorrow as it's time for me to run and grab the kids from school now and so till then keep on smilin' and enjoy my latest LO.....wel I hope you will anyway! Hugs Chris xoxo


Lee said...

Another gorgeous layout Chris, I am loving your style, especially when I compare it to my current style, which seems to be in NOTHIN'!

And I agree, YIKES! 4 teens! LOL

Amandac said...

Chris your LOs are works of art! I am in awe........and omg 4 FOUR teenagers!!! EEEkkkkkk