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Thursday, 15 May 2008

The Color Of Water.

Anyone up for an incredibly inspiring read? If so then you'll find The Color Of Water truly an amazing book. We celebrated Mother's Day here in Australia on Sunday and one of my gifts was this most beautiful book written by James McBride, award winning author and composer.

This amazing memoir is not only heart wrenching and incredibly touching beyond words, telling the remarkable story of Ruth McBride Jordan - his mother and therefore telling of his own remarkable story, but one I found where I could take up character and bury myself into each page of this book, living and breathing every word written.

I picked up this book Sunday night and had read half of it by the time I went to bed. I couldn't put it down. By Monday night 3/4's of the book was finished and I was still in awe and I finished the last few pages last night and was deeply touched by the courage of this family, by the story told and thankful for the opportunity I was given to read it.

James McBride has also written A Song Yet Sung and Miracle At St. Anna which will soon be a major motion picture directed by Spike Lee. I can't wait to get my hands on both of these books and be drawn into the very lives of those he writes about the only way James McBride knows how....with power and passion.

Have you checked this out yet? Look below..................... image is clickable!

Yep that's right.....Tara Dunstan has opened her own store selling all her awesome designs. Yes she is still selling at Pickleberrypop but after her old store broke which was used solely for us......her CT team she needed to get a new one up and running and decided to go whole hog with X-Cart and I very gently persuaded her that with all the work done to get her new store open she may as well open it to the public and she has. So if you haven't popped on over to Tara Dunstan Designs what are you waiting for.....go on. Oh and image is clickable too so you have no excuse now do ya?!

Sad News!

It's busy here and no matter how hard I try to blog a little more often I just can't seem to find the time in amongst the happenings of home just now. Last week we received some bad news. A friend of many years sadly passed away at the age of 67 from a heart attack, leaving behind his wife and 6 grown children. I know them all so well and I considered their home to be my second home when I was a teen all of 16-17. When I received the news last week it was terrible and today was the funeral. Sadly our family could not attend as Tim is unwell and not traveling too well himself. Sometimes as much as you want you can't always do what you should and my thoughts, my heart and my prayers go out to those that truly lost a loved one and now have to find the strength and courage to face each new day without him. I love you Bill and I know that you are safe in God's hands and although you left us unexpectedly you were loved dearly by so many.

More Sad News!

Betty the Bantam passed away this morning. It appears she died in her sleep as we found her at the bottom of her perch this morning, eyes closed and still warm but with no life. She was a much loved pet of the family and well......the neighbourhood really as saying she was free range is an understatement as she visited garden after garden gobbling up the bugs and insects, being fed the scraps and giving many something to smile about including those that drove past and couldn't believe what they were seeing. I can't tell you how old she was but nothing like double figures in fact probably only about 4/5.5 years old. Lance had purchased Betty from the local market when she was about 4-6 weeks old and raised her until she was all grown up. I know I will miss seeing her in the garden and visiting the neighbours and I am sure the rest of us will to.
Goodbye Betty we will miss you!

On the Scrapping Front!

I have in fact finished a few LO's but have't had a chance to pop them in the gallery as of yet. I am hoping that tomorrow will allow me some spare time to at least plonk one or two in and the rest as I can.

News on Lance!

No news on Lance just yet but tomorrow he has an appointment which is meant to be the start of some more assessments to be "scheduled" in and hopefully it won't be too far away. He also has his next paediatrician's appointment on Monday so we are in for some interesting times over the next little while.

I'm pretty certain I've forgotten something but I'm sure it'll come to me and when it does that makes a great excuse for another blog post hey?! So until we next chat take care, stay safe, read a great book....I've already mentioned which one, hug those you love and tell them how much you love them because one day you may not get that chance. Hugs Chris xoxo

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