Shabby Miss Jenn

Friday, 9 May 2008

Challenge Yourself!

Wanna do a little something on the awesome side and challenge yourself. Check this out girls for all those that are up to a scraplift challenge head on over to the latest blog to hit the bloggin' scene. Tara Dunstan has a new blog where us CT girls will be posting awesome challenges, new product previews, your LO's using TDD products, games and anything else we can think of and best of all you get the goodies. So get in on the action and happy participating. How awesome is that and guess what the first scraplift challenge is one of my very own LO's wow that is even more amazing thanks Tara but anyway go on pop on over and check it out and remember it's all new so excuse us while the dust settles and we get into the swing of things. Woohoo!!!!

Short and sweet for today but that's all this needs because I know you are all so eager to head on over and check us out....well the new blog that

Hugs Chris xoxo


Lee said...

It's a gorgeous layout Chris and I am not at all surprised it got picked! Great work and well done! :-)

Angela said...

Hey Chris, just checking in to see how you were going.. long time no blogging from me lol.. and it probably won't last.. anyway, hope that all is ok with you guys, and just have to say that your LO's are looking fantastic!