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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Life is not always easy.

It's true, sometimes there is just so much going on in your life that you want to stop the world and get off. So I guess first up a warning as this blog post may contain things on the heavier side then usual not really my thing as I tend to keep all that too myself but sometimes it just helps to blog about it and let off some steam by doing so. Life certainly has it's ups and downs and our family certainly has it's fair share of trials and tribulations that almost seem too overwhelming to manage but somehow we do....well I do, as I can't speak for anyone else in my family only myself but my life is very hectic at the moment and I wonder how I manage to stay sane in it all. We are in the midst of more then one crisis and I am pretty sure it is only God who gives me the strength to get through each day. Although I am not all that great at putting my thoughts and feelings out there for those that visit my blog to read in this way I will mention only that neither hubby or Lance are traveling too well at the moment and it's difficult. However on the upside, there is one small piece of good news with Lance though and that is those that are helping him through his time of crisis are finally putting the jigsaw pieces together and there is talk of a possible diagnosis soon (few more tests/assessments need to be carried out) and if so it will be a mixed bag of emotions as well as in some ways "relief" (I don't use this word lightly) because someone decided to act on instinct and listen to what I was saying for the first time in 15 years. Of course the downside of it all is he may not have what they think and we are set for more frustration and unanswered questions. I keep telling myself just trust in God and I know that out of complete darkness there is a light in the distance and help is at hand, if nothing else, that I am sure of.

Ok onto some more "happier news", I have scrapped a little here and there as usual and for me my scrapping time has a purpose. Not only is it creative but it is my time out from all that is going on and sometimes I must admit I just want to shut the pc down and not look at it for days but it's where I can escape and "zone out" for a time both mentally and physically, by doing so I poor my emotion into my LO's and create precious keepsakes.

First LO is DD Stephanie and is actually part of my CT requirements @ Pickleberrypop. The one under that is also a CT LO but for Tara Dunstan and I gotta say....................I love them both.


I have actually been quite busy with my scrapping and have a few LO's that can't be shared just yet because of them being a part of Bella Scraps MagazineTM which reminds me.....Aprils Issue is now out and available for download over at the shop to all those that are subscribers and if you're not then why not give it a go I really don't think you will be disappointed as there is so much that goes into every issue and I know those that are on the BSM team work really hard every month to bring you outstanding quality.

Anyway it's late here and time for bed so without further ado....take care, stay safe and tell your loved ones how much you love!!!

Till next bloggin' hugs Chris xoxo


Jenna (Sweeet) said...

Hey Hey Chris...gorgeous pages, WOW! I have you in my feeds so I was tickled to see you post. I will pray God will see you tot he end of that tunnel with strength and courage. ((hugs)) Have a great day/'s another day Aussie time right? *giggles*

Mel said...

((Hugs)) Chris. Really hope things improve for you all soon.

Your layouts are stunning by the way!