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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Ooooh what a challenge!

Wow can't believe I am actually blogging again so soon but Ann-Marie asked me to play along so I will. The challenge is to go to my photo's folder grab the 6th photo and post it here. Now I have lots of photo folders.....doesn't every scrapper and I'm thinking which one.....which one.... but like Ann-Marie I have decided to grab one from a folder I have named latest 09....yep some of my more recent photos and this is it, totally oh so cute and adorable.

Please welcome our newest addition to the family....Little Puss! Yes he is a male and he actually belongs to DD Grace. She brought him home in November and he's about 4/5 months old now and just the cutest thing you ever did see. Talk about cheeky though oh boy this cat has it all. Cattitude and catrisma and the things he gets up to are just too darn cute to fully tell him off. Of course Tim and I are proud kitty grandparents now and in absolutely every sense of the word because we generally do most of the looking after....go!!!

Ok so now that I've taken the challenge and posted the 6th photo from my Photo Folder it's your turn.....hummmm who shall I pick let me see. Ok Jane first up I pick you. Then I think it should be Jo, then I'll choose Kelley who is a fab paper scrapper. Of course next is Sharon over here and last but certainly not least is the very talented Amy H from A5D. I hope you can join in and thanks Ann-Marie for the challenge...super easy!

Ok until next time take care and stay safe. Hugs Chris xoxo

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Ann-Marie said...

Awww .. I'm not a major cat person really but I know cute when I see it!!! Very cute and furry too!!! Thanks for playing alson chick!