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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Victorian Bush Fire Appeal!

In times of tragedy we stand together united as one. Since Saturday Victoria has been in a state of crisis with bushfires ravaging so much of our beautiful countryside, unleashing it's fury on so many, destroying everything in it's path and tragically taking so many lives. At the time of this post 181 are confirmed dead with at least 50 more still missing, 900 homes destroyed and 7000 people have registered for assistance with the Red Cross.

Many appeals have been set up and at least $45 million has been raised. Donations of all things neccessary are in place including blood donations and once again Australians dig deep giving so much to help those affected by this tragedy.

Our family has already donated money to the Red Cross 2009 Bushfire Appeal and I know that The Salvation Army is able to take international donations as well. There are many other fundraisers happening both on the local scene and further afield and Coles is donating profits from their store’s sales this Friday so I plan to shop there this week myself. You can also check on the ABC radio Melbourne’s website for good up to date lists, contact numbers and info on how and where you can help.

Please if you can help....dig deep as so many of us already have! Hugs Chris xoxo

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