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Friday, 6 February 2009

Incredibly exciting news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..sorry couldn't stop at

Awesome photos don't ya think? This is our 17 yr old son Lance and yes he loves the emo style...suits him anyway and I love both these photos of him. A little editing in PSCS2 and the use of Totally Rad's Black and White Photo Action...I love these actions is the result of the above piccies. can't wait to find the perfect kit to scrap the perfect LO or 2 and I have some more pics too. If there is a kit out there that totally rocks designers let me know.

We have recieved some really exciting news today but before I tell you that let me take you back 2 weeks. As both boys are autistic and living in a fairly smallish home with the need for both boys to share a bedroom we were encouraged to apply to the Department of Human Services - Disability Services - Movable Units. Our son already fits the criteria because of his disabilites and we had a few of the team working with us look into it for us.

Paper work was sent, filled out, sent back, more sent, more filled out and sent back and then we received a letter on Tuesday to say we had been approved. As if that was not exciting enough today we had a phone call from the building contracter to say they had a unit ready and available for Lance already and they would be out on Monday to start planning for the permits needed (they do all that), council regulations and paperwork (they do all that) of course we just sign on the dotted lines but DHS do the lot and that includes putting the unit on the site and connecting the utilities and they do all that.

The incredible positive impact this will have on the entire family will be huge. More doors will open for Lance with support workers helping him do whatever is necessary, shopping etc etc and the fact that he will just be in the backyard in his own unit that comes complete with bedroom, loungeroom, kitchen, laundry, bathroom and the all important loo.

Teaching him to become as independant as possible is something that will take a very long time and there will always be things he won't be able to do but this is just one huge step towards someone who is autistic and someone who needs lots of help and we are finally getting it.

I cannot express in words the excitement and what this really means to the family. The fact that both boys can have their very own space and have their very own stuff properly in place will be incredible. Lance hates toys (ok I know he is 17) but because of this Maddi's huge collections of things sit in the shed and he can't have them in his room.....that will change and they won't have to share because that does not come easy to either of them....another autistic trait they both have and a very strong one at that too. Oh I can't wait and I hope you can join in our excitement for what this fully means to us.

God certainly does perform miracles and I cannot thank my God enough for this one.
Ok till next blogging please take care and stay safe. Hugs Chris xoxo


Amy said...

You won my planner! Email me for the code ;)

Ann-Marie said...

I'm doing a Happy Dance with ya babe!! Can ya see me??!! LOL!! Oh big huge HUGS to ya. This is brilliant!! What an absolute God sent. I am so happy for you and I am sure that Lance is going to be pleased as punch about this. Not to mention Maddi being able to have all his stuff out of the shed.

Those photos are totally AWESOME - what a spunky monkey. Can't believe he can be bothered doing his hair though! I have been putting off cutting mine because then I will have to do it rather than tie it up LOL!!

So glad I dropped in - I am smilimg with ya!! Take care with those fires.