Shabby Miss Jenn

Monday, 9 February 2009

What a tragic weekend.

My heart and my prayers go out to each and everyone devastated by this weekends fires with a number of them still burning, some contained and some still out of control. My heart has been touched just like so many and although it has not affected me personally we know only all too well we are fortunate to still have our home and our loved ones.

Bendigo has suffered badly. Many homes have been lost and people are still counting the costs of the impact our own fires have had on them and we have had 2 confirmed dead. Personally while I focused on the fires in Melbourne and Gippsland what started to unfold here in Bendigo in the early afternoon is almost unbelievable. The fires that roared through the suburbs not far from us tore through houses, streets and communities so quickly, no one had time to prepare themselves for what they were about to go through.

We ourselves had never experienced the mayhem of that day and we were lucky. Although the fires were not too far away, our neighbourhood although on high alert and ready to leave in an instant survived intact. Yes the guys up the road had to wet down their roof and the people around the corner survived the embers attack and quickly dealt with that before it took hold but for so many others only 3/4 minutes from us by car, lost the lot and I am ever so grateful that I have a home and my family still with me.

I am touched deeply by what has taken place, worse then Ash Wednesday and worse then the fires in 1937. We have lost so many and although I am sure the figure has risen last news I listened too confirmed 108 Victorians had died and none of them should have. The reality that some of these fires may have been purposely lit is just unthinkable, unimaginable and tragic.

To all of you who read my blog or happen upon it while surfing the net please keep us all in your prayers, this is Victoria's worst ever fires and it's not over yet.

Onto some more positive news and somewhat exciting. In my last post I mentioned how Lance was getting a movable unit in the backyard and the building contractors were coming out today to inspect etc....well they've been and guess what.....they start Monday. I cannot believe that Lance's unit is happening along so quickly. As they are movable units ours is coming from Reservoir in Melbourne and once they start Monday they say it should take only 3 weeks, 4 at the very most for it to be finished and Lance can move in. Once erected they paint it, put in new covers both floor and window, new heater, new hot water service, new lino/tiles and I am sooooooo excited. Lance is sooooo excited and he's already wanting to go shopping for some!

And until next bloggin' stay safe and take care out there and if there is ever a time to really put this into is it. Hugs Chris xoxo


Ann-Marie said...

Monday?? Are you serious!! How's that for service! brilliant news chick. I am super happy for you. I can't wait to see what goodies Lance is going to pick up!!

As for the fires .. I know. My heart is heavy and I can't listen to the news anymore ... it hurts. I am so glad you, my dear friend, are safe, as is your family.

take care k?!

Sharon Dale said...

I didn't realise you lived in Bendigo and February was such a tragic month for Victoria with those horrific fires. Everyone seems to know someone effected and I had a couple of friends that managed to save their houses and make it through the fires but they were the lucky ones. It was just so hot but today it's freezing here in Melbourne so not sure if we'll have anymore of those heatwaves seeing that Autumn has set in. I'm glad you were all safe though :)