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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Yes another blog update!

Ok so I thought it time to post an update seeing as it's already March and a new season has begun. Oh I so love autumn and the milder days. Such a beautiful season with all it's glorious colours and changes....well it's still hot here down under and the trees are only changing because the heat has burnt all the leaves, there is no water, there is little rain but still it has to be better then the past few months with one of the worst heat waves ever recorded and all the tragic bush fires with a few still burning almost a month later.

Well what's new you ask.......Lance's unit is coming along really well and I do promise to take a photo of the outside and the paint work recently done. It is looking fabulous and even though the colours are cream and green...colours chosen by default by the Department of Human Services who supply the unit, it is fresh and clean and really is coming together now. Lance is a little more excited but at the same time very very anxious as to the HUGE changes taking place and I reassure him continuously that it will all be baby steps for however long it takes. We have so many strategies in place and so many plans that even I am eager to get it all sorted but can't till the unit it finished. Whiteboards and cork boards with daily routines, visual cues/pictures where needed in the unit so he knows how, when and why to do things. Intercom system so we always have that backup, fire safe products in case of fire and the list truly goes on and on. Huge process for us as a family in trying to teach Lance to become even a little independent.....not easy but certainly one we must try with the help of professional disability workers helping long term.

I do want to mention that tomorrow the 5th of March would have been my dads 74th birthday, I even have it marked in my diary and I feel very saddened that he is no longer with us since passing away suddenly on the 6th of October last year. I do think of him all the time and everything that has unfolded since his passing and so much of me wants to yell and scream and say it isn't fair because simply put it isn't. I try to think on all the good things over the years even with the hardships our family always seemed to be in but keeping those good memories in the forefront of my mind helps ease the pain a little. R.I.P Ronald James you and miss you terribly. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I have scrapped a couple of LO's for BSM....can't show you though but that's ok because that just means you have to wait a little longer to see and while I am on that topic I have to share my exciting and totally unexpected news with you......Ann-Marie asked if I wanted to be a part of Karah Fredricks (Owner of Blue Flombingo and selling at Oscraps) guest CT for the month of March in "bring a buddy to work" approach. Of course I said yes because wow what an opportunity and I miss scrapping so much because I am so so full on busy and I decided I needed some "me time" and I needed it now. So look out for those LO's and when I am done here for today I plan to start scrapping for Karah. BTW thank you so much Ann-Marie and Karah for this awesome opportunity....more so that you think my scrapping is worthy enough!

Ok well that'll do for now and until next bloggin', take care and stay safe. Hugs Chris xoxo

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