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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

We've mooooved in!!

Finished unit

Bathroom and laundry all in one!

Front door and lounge room!


Side and back of unit

Front veranda

Yes it's official.....Lance has moved into his unit in the backyard. It was handed over to us on Friday and we have been slowly setting up the unit as his home away from home. He has been sleeping out there each night and managing well there and usually spends most of his days in the main home but for him to have his own space is fabulous. Yes and there is also a bedroom I for some reason just haven't taken a pick of it.....hummmmm not sure why. Anyhoo since handover we have moved Lance's things in and started to set him up so he has a little bit of independance so he can at least have brekky and snacks in his unit.

Tim and Lance laid a stone path from the unit to the main house yesterday and apart from a few little "niceties" to go, it looks great, we even have some pot plants on the veranda which sets it off fabulously. I will have to take piccies of that too and his unit with his stuff in thus far. We have shopped for a new bed as he has outgrown his single....being 6ft doesn't help so we have a bed and new mattress on order and should get that in a month or so. Fridge went in today....yep full size and now we just need to fill it up a little. We have been looking for a sofa but so far I haven't liked too much in our price range so we keep looking, so for now he is using 2moon chairs we purchased at xmas time for the boys to sit and watch DVD's or play the xbox. we still need to set up a tv antenna and the internet for him so he will be able to watch tele and play his beloved Runescape online.

Ok so that's it for now until next time take care and stay safe....I'm off to scrap! Hugs Chris xoxo

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Ready, Set, Scrap! said...

Hi Chris,
This is such an awesome thing for Lance. I too am a mum of 2 Autistic boys. They just turned 7 (twins). One will be getting a unit like Lance when he is older. We are seriously thinking of moving to northern Vic. Bendigo, Echuka where ever we find the best school.
I would love to chat more if you have time.
Im glad i found your blog :)
Shell xx