Shabby Miss Jenn

Friday, 6 March 2009

Woohoo I am guest CT member for Karah Fredricks.....

.......for the month of March and here is my very first LO I've created with her goodies and I really love the way this LO turned out. The photo of Stephanie is an actual self portrait, yep she took a photo of herself to update her my space profile I think and of course I just had to scrap it.

So what's new you ask......Lance's unit is almost complete and we just have the plumber hooking up the gas for his unit now. Apparently the inspector will be in later today and I do believe if he manages to get here Lance will get the keys within the next few days. Woohoo!! I haven't taken a photo yet as I was out last night with Steps at volleyball....her first game for the season and then it got kinda late and darker earlier then usual. So once everyone is out of the way today I'll grab the camera and take a photo or 2. I'm eager to get inside as they have painted, laid new carpet and lino, new blinds, new light fittings, new windows, new fire/smoke alarms and I am so eager to see the result. A little more patience!

It's the long weekend here (labour day) thank goodness and Tim and I have plans to get into the backyard and tidy up and do a few things. We want to lay a stone path from Lance's unit to our back door and remove a couple of trees we had to take out of the ground to make way for the unit. Hopefully the weather will be perfect although it's freezing now but prefer that to the heatwave and we can manage what we want to accomplish. Anyhoo just a quick update today and I really should go get myself ready as I have a few errands to run. Also off to visit my nan in the nursing home today so until next bloggin', stay safe and take care, hugs Chris xoxo


chrisw said...

Gorgeous layout! congrats on the guest dt spot!

Rebecca said...

oooh love that layout, such rich chocolate colours! oh no now you've got me thinking of chocolate at 2am and I finished all the Tim Tams hours ago :(
Congrats on the guest spot.
can't wait to see more layouts and photos of the finished unit :)

Karah said...

Yay! It's been so great to have you!! :)