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Saturday, 23 October 2010


the weekend is here at last and it's a beautiful day! just a short update today as i've simply popped in here to show off my latest digital scrapbooking layout. you know....i hate yellow i really really do, however something is really wrong....really really wrong. the last layout and the one in this post have all got yellow in them and wow even i have surprised myself. it's a colour i don't work with very well because i don't really like it however i've explored using it a little on the last 2 lo's, something i would never have done once before.

now don't get me wrong i love yellow in all things nature...yep the flora and fauna species and spring and summer i just strongly dislike it when it comes to much of anything else....however just lately that soft spot for it has taken over and i'm loving it...if only in accessories and not much more. how weird is that?! for me....very but perhaps it's like all things...a passing fad, a little phase of ummmm....something or another mini mid life (oh i do like that excuse). whatever it is i'm sure it won't last long but while it's here i may as well make the most of it....enjoy!

 credits: gypsy call - tangie baxter
splatter graffiti - gypsy spirit - tangie baxter
stamped glitter alpha 1 - tangie baxter
bracket shapes - big mats - decrow designs
font - arial
happy weekend, hugs chris xoxo

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