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Monday, 1 November 2010


thursday night i had the absolute privilege to speak to the y service club of bendigo about bendigo autism asperger group and autism. i had been invited a few weeks back to be guest speaker to this club and so kerry (vice-president) and myself honoured that commitment and had the most wonderful evening. wow what an inspiring organisation! of course i've heard of them and for years but this particular group of men are an inspiration to us all. i was certainly in awe of who they are, what they represent and how amazing they are. no matter their backgrounds, no matter their situations...they truly are a 'brotherhood'.

their motto is..."to acknowledge the duty that accompanies every right"...there's alot of wisdom in that one quote!!!

i must also mention that the presentation went exceptionally well, was very well received and quite a number of questions were asked and all were answered...and i remained calm!!! i am only human after all however i was in perfect 'sync' with if i've been doing this for years and seeing as i've only been in the role of president for 3 months...there truly are only more amazing opportunities to come.

oh did i also mention that i received a frame certificate and a mug as a thank you. frame is not yet on the wall as i need to take that to our next committee meeting on the 8th of November and i use the mug for pretty much every cuppa hubby makes me....yep that's his job....the cuppa maker!

ok so what else is new in the turnbull household you may well ask?

apart from 
  • district nursing still coming for lance but now only every 2nd day (last week and this week) and the fact that he needs to go in for more surgery. 
  • isaac now no longer within the school system and is now in a technical phase of a 'deemed enrolment' to at least the end of the year. 
  • grace studying like crazy due to it being exam week with 2 down, 1 today and more to go. 
  • the lead up to transition for steph with the next phase in her life which is yr 11 @ bendigo senior secondary school and the formal coming up for yr 10. 
  • the christmas lead up for our family
  • the christmas lead up for everyone else
  • the christmas lead up for baag and up and coming events
  • committee meetings, appointments, emails, webmails, website events, phone calls, working through the list and all for baag
  • rearranging the lounge room, dining room and kitchen....readying it for christmas
  • organising the craft area
  • dabbling in a little scrapbooking and have a few lo's up my sleeve now both paper and digi
  • gardening with this beautiful weather we are having
  • housework....always the housework as that doesn't stop however eternally grateful to the house hubby that i married 
i think that might be yes and as much as i'm certain i've forgotten to mention something...i guess you can tell that life even for us is rather 'flat out' and busy for now...well it's pretty much like that everyday!
so with all that and more to come i'll leave you with one thought...

"if there is no struggle, there is no progress" - frederick douglass

till next time take care, hugs chris xoxo

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