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Thursday, 21 October 2010

midweek musings...

on a thursday! yep i was in here yesterday (wednesday) when blogger decided it was time for maintenance and we couldn't upload any pictures for a few hours so i'm here today doing so. it's been quite a good day, had our monthly thursday coffee and chat morning for members of  BAAG and 3 new mums with their darling cherubs come join us. that was just wonderful and for any of you who may read my blog (yep i know ya do) i just wanna welcome you all.

anyhoo have a few more pics uploaded and here they are...enjoy!!

ok well that's kinda it for tonight except to say to all my blog readers...thanks for stopping by it means heaps to me that i actually have followers and i ♥ that! hugs chris xoxo

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dluvscoke said...

Nice photos! I suck at photography and admit that I envy those of you who are so good at it.