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Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Doctors, Blood Tests and CT Scans.

Yesterday I took one very very courageous step and saw my doctor about my back problems I have been suffering with for many years. Now some of you may thing....hey! and why didn't you do something sooner well the simpliest reason would be that I have been too frightened to do anything about it. Years ago I was diagnosed with a degenrative disc in my lower back and when I was younger it didn't really bother me more than just the odd back ache here and there but in all those years it has become more complicated so it was time to finally do something about it before it really did cripple me. Anyway without going into the nitty gritty about it all it was time to do something about it and so I did. Yesterday I told the doctor what has been happening and he ordered blood tests and a CT scan. I had the blood tests this morning and the CT scan at 4 this arvo. I was in and out in 15 minutes would you believe. So I pick up the scans tomorrow and take them off to my doctor on Monday morning and find out the results on all the tests. I am interested in what will take place but I am certainly not worried whatever the outcome. He has already spoken about physio and exercise but he too needs to wait before he can implement that plan to see whether there is something really serious or if it is something less serious. Either way I'll be getting all the help me and my back needs....and truthfully just between you and me it has been a long time coming.

Anyway I must be sick as I have updated my blog a bit lately. But then that's ok too cause strange things have been happening with blogger and it sure has affected my blog. I have it all back to "normal" at least I hope so but I thought I has lost it for good because I went in there the other day and half my template css coding was gone.....very bizarre and all I had was coding on my blog with a banner for you all to see and try to make some sense of ......what the heck!!!!!

Anyway I think blogger is having more problems too cause when I went to do some links and republish my blog it went who else is having wierd things happening to their blog while they have been sleeping......most odd!!

Anyway I have created some really nice LO's but I don't really want to pop them on here just yet cause that would give to much of my secret I have been hiding away all this time. So come Sunday onwards woohoo no more secrets and no more worries of trying to keep my lips shut, sealed, zipped and locked. Boy has it been difficult at times.

So anyway leave me a comment and let me know how your week has been.
Until next blog entry...........................ciao!


Kelley said...

Aww sweetie - I hope you get some good news tomorrow and he has a great remedy for you! Thinking of you.
Love your blog banner - Should get you to design me one seeing as your so digitally talented!!

fazzbech said...

Chris, all the best for your test results. I certainly hope this will see the start of less back pain for you!