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Sunday, 30 July 2006

Grand Opening Day!!!

Woohoo the day has finally dawned and PBP is finally here for the entire world to check out. So far the day has been awesome. There is the huge mega freebie over there check it out will ya.

All of us designers collaborated on this one and as you can see it is huge. So for the next 7 weeks you can download one part of this huge kit for free. Each week you need to follow the link over at PBP to download that weeks freebie.

The first one is awesome by our very own talented Annette Farrelly. Boy is she one talent designer.

So come on get over there and nab it as there are also designer samples for free and one of our very own designers Faer Oak has another awesome freebie so where do you go to get all this great stuff. well just in case you didn't grab the link from above here it is again.

So what you all waiting for come on get over and I promise you one thing you'll love it. And just in case you don't believe me the head of all pickleheads has this too say and I quote:

"Let me say this very loudly and very clearly for you all to share around at will!

Anything that you can remotely call scrapbooking or was once scrapbooking or might one day be scrapbooking is welcome!

Paper, digi, off the page, pure photographics (digital or film) graphic design... anything!

I really am not going to be restrictive at all. I want to see it all, I want to learn it all!

Yep we are primarily a scrapping site and mainly a digi site but I think we all have so much to learn from every other style of scrapping and other related creative things that I just think it would be a great loss to restrict people to narrow categories!

Ok so did that answer your question!?!?!?"

Well it sure answers mine.

Until next blogging guys I hope to see you over at PBP.


Jodie said...

Kit looks great Chris and so does the site, just been checking out your designs.
Great song as well.

Lee said...

Hi Chris,
I have been having a wonderful time around PBP, but the best bit has been getting to know all of Kate's wonderful team!
You girls are all friendly and incredibly talented (and somewhat intimidating) and I look forward to getting to know you all a bit better!

Chris said...

So glad you are both enjoying PBP girls and thankyou so much for your wonderful words as well. It is all very encouraging to all of us.

Lee - I look forward to getting to know you so much better as well.

Lis said...

Great post Chris! Yesterday was a wonderful day, I'm sure there are many more to come!

fazzbech said...

Thx for the plug Chris! Kinda freaky to read a blog and see your stuff poking out at you! hehe I'm loving every minute of PBP, it's been fantastic!