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Thursday, 20 July 2006

Time is not on my side!

.....and that's what I have decided. It simply isn't at the moment but I can't complain too much it's just that there is so much I want to do each day and housework and cooking are NOT 2 of, nor is spending the day grocery shopping and running errands which is what will happen today as Thursday is payday therefore shopping "needs" to be done. Would be alright if none of us had to eat (or sleep)...hehehe but we do but what I would give to spend the money on other things then food and each week the prices are rising and so is my do any of us keep up well I guess in so many ways we have no choice but to do so but it is difficult at the best of times.

Ok on to next topic......

I finally joined DigiScrapDesigner. In actual fact I was already a "normal" member but never really stuck my nose in but I went full subscribed member/designer yesterday and I am so glad I did. I have been wanting to do this for so long and now I have. Now ok some of you may be asking why pay a $35.00 a yr (US) fee a year and all I can say is....there is so much to learn as they are there for designers in every part of what a designer does. Let me run it by you. They have tutorials to learn all the wonderful things you ask "hey how did they do that" and you can't find this stuff on the web no matter how much you google. They teach you everything there is that you need to know. From designing kits in a very professional way to selling them and setting up a business and the fact that they are their to support you in every aspect of it. That's why I joined and already yesterday I made chipboard and then made chalked chipboard letters. So I have a full uppercase alpha and punctuation and today I hope to work on the lowercase and numbers to pop together and sell at PBP.

Here is a little sneak peek of what I worked on yesterday................. these are the raw chipboard lettters ........

And these are the chalked ones........

Not bad hey? Well at least I don't think so anyway and I made them all so I am feeling really good for a couple of reasons and they would be:

A) I could actually follow the tutorial
B) In the end I didn't even have to follow the tutorial cause I had done so many of them it just became 2nd nature...(may be a different story next time though hehehehe)
C) They look pretty darn good!

I know there are a few other things I could point out and I know you must all think I'm crazy getting excited about what I created but I am and I created this in PSCS2 as well.

One thing I would like to do though is hook up a 2nd monitor to my PC...I don't know how as yet but it can be done and you work with 2 of them side by side. I know of people in the world of graphic art and digi designing who do this....may have to ask for their help although I could just get the techies to come in and do it for me. But it certainly something I am considering and that way I can have certain things open on one and on the other monitor I can have other things open so it is much easier to work with.

Anyway I think I'll leave it for today and go shopping. Trying to get Tim to come as well so we can have a cuppa and just spend a little time together, but he has his head in a book so my chances are not looking good.

Toodles for now!!!!

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fazzbech said...

Oh yay, your membership came through, and look at what you've done already! Fantastic!