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Tuesday, 25 July 2006

You can't live with them and you can't live without them.....

.....and I am not talking about husbands either at this point although it would make for interesting conversation at a later

We in todays society cannot live without our computers. We could never go back to the time we never had them because we rely on them so heavily these days and I rely on mine everyday. But when something goes wrong and you can't fix it yourself then you realise that just maybe it is like the old saying we can't live with them and we can't live without them.....we are so dependant on them.

So Sunday morning I wake up turn the pc on and started doing what I do best....a catch up over at PBP and DSDU and SnF and the next thing I smell is that burning smell you know something is certainly very wrong and then the pc turns itself off and I very quickly turn everything off at the main power switch and let hubby know something is seriously wrong and I was so hoping that is was not drastic and my pc had completely died. I just had it all upgraded and the timing could not have been any worse although I don't think timing comes into play on this one as it is something you just don't need and I NEED MY COMPUTER with all that is happening this was not good. So hubby and I cleaned up the inside got rid of the dust and took out the power supply box because that was where the burning smell was coming from and then popped it back in just to see what was the go. Sure the pc still ran with no hiccups, windows was still there along with everything else and I managed to very quickly finish what I was in the middle of but that smell was still there so it was time to turn the thing off and get it off to the techies the next day.

Monday morning rolls round and Tim and I take it in explaining what we thought the problem was and how urgent it was for them to get it all sorted it out for me because of what I have been involved with for awhile now and how PBP goes live Monday. So they see it as a priority as well.

I had to ring this morning to see where the techie was at and they found the problem and yep it was the main power source. They need to figure out why and replace it so it never happens again and they are doing all that today so I am so grateful to them. normally it is a 7-10 day wait maybe more as I only take it to one place in town and they are good and I normally wait and I would still be happy to but sometimes I think because of certain circumstances as already mentoned that you become that urgent priority and everyone else unfortunately has to wait. No matter what, I needed my pc back this week. It will be and hopefully by the end of the day. So I am really very relieved as well as very happy too and so grateful they have been able to sort it out straight away for me.

Ok onto another topic and one that may seem silly to you but a few of my friends understand where I am coming from with this. I finally made an appointment to see my doctor about my back. Many years ago before children I was diagnosed with a degenerative disc in my spine in between lumbers 4 and 5. It has caused me many problems since. Most of the time when I get an "attack" I would just abide my time with it and although it crippled me it would go within a few days and this has been going on for years but because I have had some other serious medical conditions to also deal with for years so my back was not a priority to me. I had to get my other medical conditions under control and sorted out which now are and now I am suffering very badly so it has taken me alot of courage to make the phone call and take that 1st step cause it has always frightened me what they would find out and then what procedure they would carry out and it was that mentally I could not deal with it at all. Do I need a spine fusion or rods in my spine or is it something else cause when I was 1st diagnosed with this my doctor also said I would be in a wheel chair before I hit my 40's I'm 39.

When I have an "attack" I am crippled by it. My entire body is hunched over but my spine cannot straighten out and my legs are bent along with my hips out of place it is not a pretty sight by any means and usually as I said I am right within a few days but the last 8 months or so it has been getting worse and the attacks coming more often and more severe and the past 3 weeks have been very difficult for me indeed.

So think of me my friends as I need you in so many ways. I'll let you know how I get on as well. Todays appointment is just the start but a very big one for me as now it is reality if that makes any sense cause I can no longer push it aside anymore.

So till next blogging stay well my friends and keep smiling.

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Lis said...

Hope you get your puter back soon!!! Good luck with the Dr's appointment, hope it doesn't require surgery, my friends' DH just had back surgery and it's a 3 month recovery time, mostly in bed :(