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Saturday, 7 July 2007

Woohoo I have scrapped!

Yes it's true I have put some much needed time aside for digi scrapping, boy have I missed it alot. It seems trying to get new designs out has taken up so much of my time that it was time to pop it aside just enough to scrap instead. We're allowed to be biased aren't 'cause I just love what I have created and there are just so many amazing bits and pieces out there that I had to add a few more to my very own digi stash. You can read all about the LO's in the credit links which will take you directly to my gallery over at Pickleberrypop. I don't even mind if you leave a little loving here and I'm not greedy I'll just take all I can get....teehee!

So it's school holidays for us here and apart from taking a little time out from designing to spend some much needed time scrapping, I'm spending some time with the kids and with hubby who thankfully also has a mid semester break. Today I finished off the bottom 2 LO's, spent time pruning, weeding, replanting and tidying up in the front garden with Tim. We lost some of the garden in the summer time because of the drought and although the drought is far from over we have also had alot of rainfall in the last little while so what's left of the garden has been revived. We still need to do one corner and the pathway but it is looking better than it has for months.
Kids went to see the movie Transformers with my sister...(their aunt) today and loved it. Apparently it is a great movie from what so many people are saying and the fact that they are seeing it more than once kinda helps the reviews a little. So I can't wait for it too come out on DVD so I can see it myself.
What else is new designs yet although I have some stuff on the go. My creative team have settled in nicely and are producing some amazing work. Thanks guys!
Can you believe that PBP is turning 1 what an amazing journey that has been. Stay tuned for further details on our 1st birthday bash.
For those of you who stop by and read my blog and would like an update on Lance well he was at the pediatrician's yesterday for his latest appointment and a whole lot of blood tests have been ordered and they were done yesterday afternoon. We should have the results by Wednesday to see if there is anything there. Then he is off to see a Cardiologist (appointment will be made once results have come back) then back to pediatrician. Yes he is still having a lot of pain and we are concerned with some other issues that may or may not be serious.......loss of weight, drinking stacks, craving loads of sugar so yes the blood tests will also detect if diabetes is there, pediatrician doesn't think so and I am not too phased as it may be due to whatever else is wrong but at this stage we are now getting tests done to rule out the possibilities of so many things as we just don't know what is wrong but we know something is....make sense?!
So anyway I think it is time for me to go, I kinda reckon that once your in "the zone" then do what you can before you space out :)
P.S to all of you who downloaded my latest freebie...thanks!
Till next blogging take care, stay safe and keep smiling.
Chris xx


scrapingal89 said...

great LO's Chris - they are wonderful!! and i hope you find something good out on Wednesday.

Diana said...

Hi Chris
Yes school holidays have kept me away from the computer as well as having family down from queensland, I haven't been over to PBP for a month now. Hoping to get back over there in the next few days. I love your new LO, just stunning as always. I have finally opened a scrapping blog and have made my first freebie. To think I downloaded my first starter kit from PBP a few months ago. Who would have thought I would get so hooked, thanks to you Chris.