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Saturday, 21 July 2007

Phew...miss and blink!

Yep seems to be what happened with the past week. I must have blinked and missed it cause now it's the wee hours of Saturday morning and I feel I haven't accomplished awhole lot at all. I've hardly been at the computer this week as there seems to be so much other stuff happening and then of course the kids are still hijacking it....their excuse is "well mum gets it all day long"....rofl isn't that funny but then they also forget that some days I don't seem to get on it except to check my emails as I am busy doing other things like the shopping so they can recharge or the taxiing so they can go places, or the parent/teacher interviews so I can be more active in their school

So I haven't done any designing......(well just between you and me I have done some but that's all a secret and you just have to wait for the unveiling there), but for the last 3 days I don't think I have even opened PS CS2 as I just haven't had the opportunity and there is much too do as well. But on another good note Tim finally replaced a worn out leaky pipe in the kitchen today and trust me when I say it took quite sometime to get cause it did and then after that we went out for lunch just to a chinese restaurant and really enjoyed it. We haven't done that in months and as he starts back at uni on Monday thought we would take the opportunity as there won't be one for a long time now as he has 6 fairly extensive and exhaustive weeks coming up and 2 of those weeks he does a short course which also manages to take out his weekends. Then he is on placement until the middle of December but on top of that he still has to fit in his full time studies, assessments and assignments. Placement for those that may not know is when you go and work as a student....normal work hours etc etc with an employer in the field of choice and a contract etc with no pay and learn on the job skills for your degree. Full time and full on!

Kids are good, had Maddi's parent/teacher interview yesterday and he is doing really well so that's all that matters. The rest have theirs on the 27th of this month and all their mid year reports had pleasing results so that's too.

Well I think that's it...short and simple so have a great weekend and take care.

Chris :)

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fazzbech said...

Aren't the weeks flying?! I'm not spending as much time on the PC lately either, and I do and don't miss it!

Glad to hear everyone is well. :-)