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Friday, 13 July 2007

New Aged Polaroids now in the PBP shop!

It's been school holiday time for the Turnbull household here downunder and I have to admit that since my new computer was built one month ago it also seems to have been hijacked by 4 very clever, soooo anyhoo I did manage to finish designing these aged polaroids and pop them over in the Pickleberrypop POP SHOP, at just $3 (AU) they are a great addition to your digi scrapping stash. So pop on over and check them out!

So a little news here and there.......... my new computer has had some strange problems so took that in yesterday to sus out why. I happened to notice that the new 320 gig HD was full already I mean what!!!!!! So we managed to get that sorted out and it seems to be that photoshop popped 6 temp files in the temp folder recently and all up that was something like 258 gigs so they were deleted promptly and my new hd is nice and empty as it should be. So I just need to keep and eye on it and see if there is anymore troubles and fingers crossed it is a once off but the guy that built my pc was absolutely blown away when he saw what had happened and thought it most odd, thankfully an easy fix. Anyway picked up the printer as well as that was also in the shop because it stopped printing last week but the printer itself was all working so that was just in need of a new USB cable and then of course went to print out my DD Steps Egypt assignment and guess go so after another uninstall and reinstall and ringing Epson I managed to get that problem sorted out and the printer is once again all setup working and functioning as it is meant too. Although I did not have to resort to Epson's help on this and finally managed to delete everything in the spool manager after it let me in and delete the printer which enable for the new reinstall to sort out properly. Argggghhh so now I am thinking no more problems please and just leave me be.

Update on Lance....blood tests all came back clear and now we are just waiting on a phone call to get him into a cardiologist. I rang today to make an appointment but at this stage it won't be till Septemeber so the cardiologist's receptionist mentioned that if the pediatrician faxed through the referral today with a note for Lance to be seen much sooner than Dr Tony Jackson will then look at the referral himself and put Lance in sooner if he can. Let's just hope it works out if not then I suppose the 14th of Sep sounds good (lol the day before he turns 16)! Not much we can do about it anyways. So we continue to wait for a diagnosis if any.

Well that's all folks I'm outta here and off to buy a new set of speakers for my!

Take care, stay safe, all mums (and dads) to school holidayers stay sane and ttyl!

Ciao Chris

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