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Thursday, 31 August 2006

Boys will be boys and my son is no different.......

....and dare I say that here's the proof.

2 broken wrists...yes 2

How amazingly talented is this son of mine to break both wrists at the same time and not only that but in exactly the same spot. Now ask him to do it again and I'm sure....knowing my son, he could cause after all that's Lance for ya.

So wanna read what happened......well read on.

Yesterday Lance and Grace had a day off school as it was a day full of interviews chosing pathways and subjects etc for next year (yrs 9+10's) and Lance and a couple of mates decided to spend the day at the skate park. Yep sure no drama it's a place they often go and come home in one piece.

So here is what happened: at about 2:15 at the skate park he is trying out a new trick...(tech talk here now girls and no laughing ok) "rock the fakey" and whilst doing it he thinks he hits a rock and the skateboard goes out from under him causing him to hit the ground with outstretched hands flat to the concrete to soften the

So anyways after I get home he shows me and a mum can always tell when something aint right as I knew one was broken so off to hospital we go and they said straight out that one was broken but as the other was sore I asked if they could check it as well and so they decided to xray the 2 and yep the 2 broken in exactly the same spot.....on ya Lance only you could do that......hehehehehe

So the right arm is fully plastered and the left is in a plaster slab and bandaged so it can be taken off so he know go to the loo and wash himself...the sort of thing a nearly 15 yr old can only do all by himself....teehee!!!!

Plaster for 4 weeks and then it is taken off, xrayed again to see how things are healing and hopefully healed and if healed then no more plaster if not then redone.....yatta yatta yatta

So boys will be boys and my son Lance sure fits the picture hands up.....pardon the pun.

So that's it in a nutshell oh and BTW I'm all better to funny how sometimes just the change in focus turns things around for you.

Till next blog....ciao and keep smiling guys


Kelley said...

OMG Chris - I hope he heals quickly - Poor bugger - Gonna be a hard few weeks for Lance to do stuff.
Dont think i ever want to buy my kids a skateboard now

Zebette said...

Hoping he heals well and that he doesn't get too used to you doing everything for him!

fazzbech said...

Goodness me Chris, and you seem so calm about it - I think I would have freaked! Not in a mad way, but in a shocked way! I hope Lance heals well and quickly. :_

Lee said...

I hope Lance is all healed up as soon as possible and more importantly I hope he never manages this again.