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Monday, 14 August 2006

New freebie!

Yep it's that time of the week again with the 3rd part of our awesome mega freebie kit up for grabs so all you need to grab part 3 designed by our awesome designer Faer Oak is to pop over to Pickleberrypop and snag it. This is one fab kit girls only available for a week and my kit from last week and Annette's are still available in the PBP shop at an incredibly cheap price.

Today I started my first round of physio for my back and it feels good. Tomorrow may tell a different story though as I may be sore with what the physio did but I can cope with that as it is expected it's the chronic back pain due to a degenrative disc that I can't cope with.

So why am I having physio you ask?

Well to cut a long story short as I already mentioned I have a degenrative disc...the last one that sits at the bottom of my spine and the joints there are also just starting to give way as well. So to put it quite simply I haven't been able to stand straight for the past couple of weeks and I have been in a lot of pain so physio for the next month and if I can't get my back under control with that then it is back to the doctors and a spine fusion is what's up on the list which if I have to have one then so be it but if pyhsio works then good too, whichever way it's too go, I'm ready.

Gosh I was sooooooo sick last week with some sort of virus and it took until Thursday to start feeling a little normal after being in bed since Sunday. So I am behind in what needs to be done but you know that's ok too cause I learn't a long long time ago that you can only take one day at a time and whatever life throws at you on that day then you deal with it as best you can sometimes things are good and sometimes things are not.

So there are no layouts or anything like that so sorry but on a brighter note I am in the middle of designing a new kit and I have purchased some awesome new kits as well...........just got to find time to do some LO's and continue work on this kit which I think is coming along quite nicely and as always learning much along the way.

Sneak peak below on what I have been up to! Let me know what you think?

So till later girls and any fellas that may read my blog ..... keep smiling and stay happy.


fazzbech said...

Great to hear you're over your sickness - now all we need is for physio to help your back problems! I do hope it does help, as I know the alternative is not nice.

The new kit is looking lovely!

Lee said...

ALl these kits are amazing, thanks to all the pickleheads for giving them to us AND for being so clever!

Ouch, I hope the physio works Chris, I don't have the greatest back so I sympathize!Oh a fusion! I hope the physio works wonders though!

Glad your feeling better now, it's the pits feeling so yuck!

Your new kit looks lovely Chris, I can't wait to see it!

Faer said...

Hope the physio helps you!! Glad to hear you are feeling loads better :)

Can't wait to see your new kit!!