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Thursday, 24 August 2006

Yep here I am.......

Gosh time flies by so quickly I am amazed. You would think that I would be use to it by now but everyday seems to just zoom and every other day after that. As for keeping up with everything I find that a tad difficult as well but I seem to be managing. as for the housework though well that's another

No new LO's this time but I have been working on another kit which all just came together yesterday and boy has it worked well. As for a sneak peak nah!!!! not this but it uses the softest of blues, creams with a dash of brown and I love it. It will be a full kit and I am just in the middle of negotiating it's name with my scribbled "name thoughts" on a bit of paper. We (my bit of paper and I) just have to come up with the perfect one. I do hope to have it ready by today so I can get it into the shop over at PBP today or tomorrow at the latest.

Moving right along this kit(look down) is what is up for grabs this week over at PBP so go on if you haven't already get on over and snag this beautiful kit designed by one of our awesome designers Heather.

Last blog entry, blogger decided it would not let me upload a preview of my latest Kraft Basics Alpha Letters set (perhaps because I had uploaded LO's it thought enough was enough) so you can now purchase these over at PBP. They have all been created from Kraft board/paper and designed simply so you can pop the finishing touches on them.

See told you they would be simple and you can do sooooo much with them all you need is a little time and a little imagination and voila all done.

So tonight is going to be busy straight after school as the 2 older kids Lance and Grace have a "Subject Fair" at their school. I think that's what they call it It is an info night designed for the kids going into yrs 9 and 10 (gosh am I saying this yrs 9 and 10 already *sigh*) so they can get a first hand look and ask and find out info about their career paths (already no no not yet they're still babies).
Lance will be in yr 10 next year and is looking at doing a trade (with loads of encouragement from us) as that is where he fits best and he has had his eye on bricklaying which he has taken a liking too. He did recieve a fair amount of info with what this entails earlier in the year and he still seems to be on that path. Tonight might be a different thing of course. But he would make for a great tradie in some sort of hands on building work. So will see what happens.

Grace wants to be a nurse and I would have to say that she is looking at doing the subjects that lean to that with great encouragement from her teachers as well as us. She has what it takes and most of all she has the personality for it as well as she is so very caring and capable.
Then we have volleyball after all that so busy busy and if I don't stop waffling on I ain't gonna get anywhere with this new kit.

So until next time to all my scrapping buddies take care and keep smiling.


fazzbech said...

Time does fly! Look forward to the new kit Chris, and I wish Lance all the best in his chosen studies. It's hard as a kid to decide which direction to go, especially when in Year 10!

Lis said...

Oh I love those letters!!!! Well done!
Hope the kids do well with their chosen careers, sounds like they are getting the opportunities and support they need.

Lee said...

The alpha looks great Chris and I'm sure the kit will be stunning too!

I used to be a volleyballer, with emphasis on USED TO! LOL

Glad the Subject Fair was useful too, sounds like a great idea!