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Tuesday, 5 September 2006


I am so excited
and this is the reason why --------> Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Yep as you can see I have been accepted as part of Faer Oaks CT and I am sooooooooo excited about it. I love this designers stuff her style is just awesome and I get to play with it all in creating wonderful LO's using all Faer's kits. Thankyou so much Faer for this wonderful opportunity.

Now here is her newest kit called Rosemary's Garden and as you can see it is fantastic and I so enjoyed using this kit for 2 of my LO's
Take a look (below)

And you can find this beautiful kit here at PBP.

Ok so here is my A4 I have created using Rosemary's Garden.

Journaling reads:
Everything about you I adore you are so easy to deal with...(most of the time) and no matter the situation you are always there too put a hand on my shoulder to let me know that all will be fine.
Rosemary's Garden by Faer Oak, Alys Vintage Photo Action, Cross Stitches by Atomic Cupcake.
Fonts: Arial Narrow
Special thanks to Atomic Cupcake for frayed fabric action.

and this one as well

My gorgez 13.5 DD Grace on a recent bus trip and me trying to take some photos. Well as you can tell Grace just wasn't very co-operative. I mean what's a mother to do but ignore her wishes and snap away

Credits: Rosemarys Garden by Faer Oak, Stitches mine, Font: Chumbly BRK and Arial Narrow.
Special thanks to Atomic Cupcake for torn paper action.

Ok so onto the next topic which will just be my ramblings and venting for the day. would you believe I had already created this post last night and as I am getting ready to submit this entry the power goes out in the entire street and I loose the lot so here I am re-doing this entry so enjoy it

Anyway Lance and his 2 broken wrists are doing well. He tried school yesterday and apart from the fact he was in pain and didn't cope as well as he wanted to he managed but he isn't going back for the rest of the term and that is only another week and a half away. Kids can be so cruel and all his mates did nothing but stir him and pick on him so he decided he wasn't going to endure that everyday and no more school. Can you blame him....I don't think so the poor kid. One of his mates decided to start all this joking and he is hurt by it. I kinda figure they aren't his mates to do that too him and I think he realises full on that as well. Like I said kids can be so darn cruel and the impact on what they say about or to someone can cause alot of hurt.

Ok so Grace goes on her snow trip tomorrow. Half her unit are off to Falls Creek for 2 nights and 3 days so she is going to have a great time and I look forward to all the photos she is going to snap...and boy does she snap madly.....hehehehehe

Thursday night while they are there they have a formal dinner and dress to the nines so she has her new outfit and jewellery and they are glaming it up. I so hope I get some really nice photos of her so I can scrap them. My daughter Grace doesn't wear dresses at her age at all she is not the girly girl she was so I am really eager to see her all dressed up.

Now that's one child down 3 to

Anyway I think I will leave it there and say ciao until next blogging. Meant to have a crop night tonight with a couple of gals (paper scrapping) so need to finish off some stuff before they arrive in an hour of course thinking they haven't forgotten and if they have then that's ok as well cause then I can do my AMM CT LO for Faer's CT page.

Ok till next time keep smiling and stay happy.


Lee said...

Oh congrats Chris that is great news and you're right, she is a great designer!

Layouts are gorgeous as always :)

fazzbech said...

Woohoo, you're an awesome addition to Faer's team, well done!

That's a shame about Lance and what he's had to endure at school - as if it's not hard enough?!