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Tuesday, 12 September 2006

Life is short so enjoy every moment.

This past week has been a most strange week with tragedies all round. We lost 2 of our Aussie icons both in tragic circumstances and both doing what they loved. Steve Irwin also known as the "crocodile hunter" and Peter Brock our very own racing car legend. They have left loved ones to carry on without them and my heart goes out to them all. Then of course yesterday (our time) was the 5th anniversary of 9/11. An absolute tragedy that changed the entire world on that dreadful day. I still get teary eyed when I turn the tv on and watch the news of the special programs bringing to us that day and how people were affected by it and how 5 years later people are moving on but how it still affects each and everyone of us. I watch the odd documentary here and there and each time I do I am moved to tears and then I look at my hubby and my kids and I am so thankful to my God for keeping us safe and that we It'shave never had to endure these types of hardships. We do live in a very blessed country and I am so very grateful and thankfu do need to be thankful for that.

Well onto more happier things......PBP has been open for 7 weeks. Can you believe that!!!!! The time has gone so quick, we have lots of members and growing and the talent in the gallery is amazing. But the thing I have enjoyed about this journey the most is the friendships I have made. That's what scrapbooking does it creates wonderful and incredible friendships and I am so overwhelmed by the many I have and the new ones I seem to form almost on a daily basis.

So with having said that this week is the last week to be able to snag the last part of our mega awesome kit that we have been giving away over the past 7 weeks.

This weeks contribution is by Poppy Monkey Designs.

And it is just a gorgez kit. So pop on over to PBP and grab this awesome kit while you can and just in case you missed out on any of the parts of this multi kit they are available in the shop for a very cheap price.


Over at PBP we run challenges not just with the scrapping part of things but also with our photography skills and I don't know about you but I could do with all the skils I can Not that I don't take a good photo but there is so much more to a camera then just point and shoot... iykwim!

So our 1st photography challenge is under way over at PBP run by the wonderful Annette, and is a silhouette challenge that has been running since the 21st of August and ends on the 17th of this month. I took the photo a couple of weeks ago and finally got around to throwing it into PSCS2 and just by using the magic wand and the levels a touch, this is how it turned out and I am so stoked with it. The original is on the top and the silhouette is on the bottom.

My DD Stephanie (yet but she is the only one happy to co-operate) just in the front yard and the photo was taken with the sun behind her purposely so the shot would come out a little silhouetti then just a little adjustment made in PSCS2 and voila this is what you get. So that's another new technique I have learnt.


Well this was not suppose to be a novel this post but the last thing I wanted to show was my new paper pack and alpha set now selling over at PBP.

Alpha Here

Paper Pack Here

Lemon Noir is a softly shabby and worn kit in blacks and soft lemons with a touch of elegance and charm.

The pack includes:
6 patterned papers
2 solid papers

All 12x12 and created in JPG format and at 300dpi.

The alpha includes:
The perfect alpha set to go with my Lemon Noir Paper Pack. Uppercase letters and numbers are embossed. Lowercase is pewter and symbols are a mix of both.

Set includes:
Full uppercase
Full lowercase
Numbers 0-9
Symbols !&()[]{}:;?

It's the perfect alpha set to go with my Lemon Noir Paper Pack. Uppercase letters and numbers are embossed. Lowercase is pewter and symbols are a mix of both.

All created in PNG format and at 300dpi.

So go on over and check it out and until next blogging keep smiling and I'll catch you all later.

Ciao Chris


Jodie said...

Has been a terrible week :( Lets hope things get better. Love what you have done with the photo.

Lis said...

Oh Chris, how did I miss your new kit in the shop..I love the colors!
Love your photo too!
Such a lovely touching is important to cherish every moment with our families...and you clearly do with yours every day :)

Angela said...

Last week was a terrible week wasn't it?
The photo looks wondeful, and I'm a little disapointed that I haven't had the op to take one yet ;). Oh and the kit, just stunning.. I can almost smell the lemon :)