Shabby Miss Jenn

Monday, 22 October 2007

Been awhile since.......

.......last blogging but here am I at last. Not much to say really just settling into my new CT role over at Pickleberrypop and enjoying that and I am not missing the pressure of designing one bit. It's Monday once again (always seems to come round so quick) and the countdown is on for Christmas and I am not so sure I am ready at all. Every year it just seems to come round faster and faster and every year I say I am going to be more ready but never happens.

Time to post my latest LO's so without further ado here they are.



Oh and while I am at it I would just like to welcome Didee and Mama Cass to the PBP CT. Congratulations girls and look forward to working with you creating awesome LO's that truly rock.

Just before I go I do want to say a little something to both Faer and Anita......thinking of you guys and although I can't be there with you physically I am thinking of you and knowing that both are going through a bit of a rough patch. Sending oodles of hugs your way.

Ok well that is all from me so till next time if anyone still reads my blog, take care and stay safe.


Chris xo


Diana said...

Thanks for the warm welcoming Chris, your such a sweetie!!! How's Lance's headaches going, better I hope.
Big hugs

Toast Girl said...

Thanks for the mention Chris! So glad to see you scrapping up a storm again, although I really do miss seeing your new designs :(
Cass x