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Tuesday, 2 October 2007

It's official!

I have fully retired from designing over at PBP and once again I just wish to thank all those that have supported me in all that time especially my loyal customers and I hope that I have been able to contribute in some way to help you create some very special memories.

So what am I going to do with myself now you well first and foremost my family comes first and I have been enjoying that immensely. It's school holidays here and we are, although not doing awhole lot, enjoying it greatly. As for scrapping well I am now officially on the PBP CT and can't wait to start this week. I have missed scrapping enormously and am looking forward to getting right back into it as much as the old mojo and scrapping funk allows.

Update on Lance who is doing really well these past 8-9 days. He is back on one of his heart meds (now looking at it from a different point of view) and so far so good I think in the past week he has had one little niggle and that is all. He is riding his bike, skating, rollerblading and enjoying every minute of it. No angina attacks and no anginine to have to take either. Woohoo! With all the tests this kid has had they are now saying his heart is healthy as (albeit whatever they found which all the experts don't deny) and are now thinking that the arteries surrounding his heart are spasming and causing all this. Very difficult to diagnose and will take awhile but we seem to be on the right path anyway. So just something for us to be patient with and honestly as his paeditrician said that if after this they cannot find the answer then they honestly don't know what is going on and the severe chest pains and everything that goes with it is totally unexplainable....ahhh the frustration of that. But enough said on that for now.

Spring has sprung for sure and Tim and I have been getting into the garden and yes we still seem to have one considering we are still in the worst drought ever. But the garden is thriving at the moment and so we are doing a little TLC. I've planted a couple of tomato plants, strawberries, petunias all in pots and replanted a beautiful self seeded (can't remember name at the minute) creeper from the back garden to the front garden in hope it will take off and cover an arch. Still need to plant some azaleas and a birds nest fern in the garden, have planted two standard roses in the front garden after they have been sitting in pots forever it seems, and done a little rearranging on our front porch. Hummm reminder to oneself.........must take photos. So that has kept us nice and busy.

Have scrapped a couple of LO's but you will have to wait till my next blog entry to see them as right now it's 2:52 am on Tuesday morning and time for me to bid you all a goodnight or a great day depending on which side of the world you are on.

Take care
Chris xo

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