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Friday, 12 October 2007

Yay Friday is here at last!

Oooh yeh it's Friday at last and the kids have settled back into school for the first week rather well. I've managed to do another CT LO for PBP starring my DD Stephanie of course although the photo is almost 2 years old (Jan 06) but I love it just the same and really do love what I have scrapped as I do with all my LO's otherwise I wouldn't be scrapping them! Besides it's a scrappers rights to love each LO they have wonderfully and artisticly created with a little magic and a whole lot of love!!!! (oh and many thanks to all you wonderful designers out there who create so many yummy goodies).


The weekend is here and I am looking forward to it. Tomorrow Tim is helping a friend move house so will just be me and the kids for most of the day here at home. Apart from that life goes on and we are managing as best we can with all that has been thrown our way. Poor Lance was struck down with a blindling migraine today something that made him so sick and lose most of his site in his left eye then bang it hit and I had to grab him from school. He is still not quite right and not sure why this came on as he does not normally have them but have popped it in my diary for the next visit to the paeditrician and will just keep an eye on them. Hopefully will just be a one off thing. Grace is up to her armpits in homework already. Man only yr 9 and only just started back Monday and she was sent home with, would you believe 4 assignments all due this coming week. I mean honestly that is just a little ridiculous and certainly way over the top. Someone once asked recently on a tv program.........why do kids nowadays receive so much homework don't they have teachers in school anymore? Makes you stop, think and wonder why our kids have to grow up so quickly.....society sure as heck does not allow them to be kids anymore with so much on their plates.

Pssst....... hey by the way have been on a huge spending frenzy over at Christina Renee's Designs. I just love what she creates and I think I now have quite a good collection of all her designs. Shopped there twice already in 4 days, spent up big and used up half my internet limit for the month (oops sorry kids my bad) but what I really want to know is WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME ABOUT HER UNTIL NOW!!! Yes of course I had heard of her many times but never checked out her stash of goodies and man when I was pointed in that direction I just had to have whatever I could grab although I did have to leave a few things behind until next month (when the internet limit is reset and when I have more $$$ in the purse) and hopefully by then some of the things her awesome CT are creating with will be in the shop. I know they're-a-coming but woah I can't wait.

Anyway enjoy your weekend I know I plan to.


Chris xo

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Diana said...

Hey Chris, yes I know all about migraines. I've suffered with them since the beginning of high school. I take tablets every day to stop them from becoming a migraine. I can't remember the last time I did not have a headache. I'm used to them now but worried what the tablets will do to me in the long run!
Any who.... I know what you mean about CRD, I'm totally hooked! I just won a GC for that comp she has running at DST, I too have to wait till the 25th till my internet clicks over to download or my puter will slow to dial up speed! Ok, better go get the girls some dinner as they are pulling at Have a great night.
Hugs Di