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Saturday, 17 November 2007

Not much to say......

.......but I'm blogging again. Quick some one call the doctor I've blogged twice this week. Anyway there really isn't much to say except that it's Saturday, we have had storms today with some rain and the is awesome. I think we are about to have another pour down as all is looking very dark outside and no it's night night time....rofl. This kinda weather I love and I hope we have it for a few more days yet so we can get as much rain as we need.

I received an awesome package in the mail on Thursday. 21 12x12 LO's I order through My Reflections and they are amazing. I have been hanging out for so long to have some 12x12 LO's printed professionally and withing a decent price range as well. This September My Reflections started offering loose leaf printing in a few sizes but in 12x12 as well. The quality of printing is absolutely amazing and I am really happy with the results....well actually I am more than happy with them. Thanks Suz you've done a marvellous job. So for all you aussies who have been looking at need a place to have your LO's printed than pop on over to My Reflections and check out what they have and what they are going to be bringing out and it's all great stuff.

Of course where are my're looking for the latest Chris Turnbull well here you go this is my latest LO and I hope you enjoy!


There isn't much more to say except I am working on the next LO which would you believe is of Lance on his father's motorbike. So of course when that is finished apart from all the galleries I pop it in, I'll pop it on here as well.

I'm settling rather nicely into my latest CT gig with Tara Dunstan and her wonderful designs. Man can her and I chat like you wouldn't believe....rofl or perhaps those that know me well enough would believe it ;). She actually has me helping out on the admin side of things too which I was more than overwhelmed when she asked me so yes settling in nicely.

Oh and there is one more thing to say and although this LO has already been posted here I thought I would post it again as it was voted LOTM over at TTS. Totally amazing and I feel so honoured. Thanks girls who voted for my LO. :) If you click on the image itself it will take you directly to my gallery over at TTS. However the credit link will take you directly to my PBP gallery!


Well that's it for today, enjoy your weekend, take care and stay safe.

Hugs Chris xxoo


Dawn said...

Nice to see ya blogging! Loved both your layouts!

Peta said...

Hi Chris,
Found you!!!*L*
Love those Lo's..Hey, that one looks familiar..TTS LOTM..Congrats gilr, it so rocks..

Joanne Bain said...

Hey Chris
Just found your little blog.
Congrats on LOTM over at TTS. Awesome LO girl!
Thanks for the info on My Reflections I am going to pay them a visit now.
Best wishes

Angela said...

LOVE your new LO's Chris. The self portrait of Grace is so cute!! Ahh teenagers...

Congrats on making Tara's team.